Which NHL club will land Brian Burke?


images5images-11images-22Well, well, well, it didn’t take long for all the hockey pundits to start brewing up theories about Brian Burke’s future in the NHL after he was released by the Anaheim Ducks yesterday afternoon. From what I hear an emergency meeting was arranged between Steve Simmons, Al Strachan and Darren Dreger–founders of the Truth, Rumour and My Dog Told Me Club–where they sat down at an unassuming Swiss Chalet on the fringe of Toronto and discussed how the media will spin the story. Apparently Strachan put gravy on his fries and ordered a second Rootbeer, which Dreger interpreted as a clear indication that Burke is bound for Boston. But all joking aside, Anaheim’s decision to release Burke because he wouldn’t sign a long-term extension with the club is a giant smoke signal that something is up. He is too smart to shy away from a rosy position in Anaheim without something waiting in the wings. So where is he going to end up? Well, we’ll let you the reader decide instead of feeding you rumours on this one.


Which NHL club will land Brian Burke?

  1. We don’t need him in TO. Ottawa looks like it could use a little reshuffling.

  2. Leafs will get him, and everyone will finally realize the best thing about Burke is his haircut – which is terrible btw! For once Burke will actually have to build a winner instead of just inheriting one, and he’ll fall flat on his face in trying to do so. He’ll make 10 trades in 3 months that neither help or hurt them, he’ll just do them to make everyone think he’s working hard. Then he’ll find a way to blame Kevin Lowe for all of it.

  3. Toronto fans always think they’re so great. They live on another planet.

  4. I think he should retire. That’s enough…


  5. It’d be too hot for him in TO, and I think Boston is itching to swoop in and steal him. The big bad Bruins are a perfect fit for him — most of the heavy lifting has been done, but they remain a few significant moves from serious contention.
    Only the resurrection of Conn Smythe will get the Leafs back on track…

  6. I hear he’s assessing support for a Liberal leadership run.

  7. Anyone who kills the 3 men pictured there is assured a place in heaven and an infinite supply of virgins.

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