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Whisky hangover worse than vodka: study

Headache, nausea, thirst and fatigue worse for whisky drinkers


Drinking whisky will result in a worse hangover than drinking vodka, according to U.S. researchers, although vodka has negative effects, too. It might be because of molecules called “congeners,” of which there are more in whisky than in vodka; congeners contain small amounts of chemicals like acetone, acetaldehyde and tannins, according to researchers at Brown University. In the study, 95 volunteers, all healthy alcohol users, were given enough booze to put them one-third over the legal driving limit. On the third night, they were given a “placebo” drink with no alcohol. The day after each session, the subjects were asked how they felt, and were tested on how well they could concentrate. Volunteers who drank whisky reported more symptoms like headache, nausea, thirst and fatigue, than those who drank vodka. But the overall performance at the concentration task was about the same between two groups. Disrupted sleep was also about the same in both groups.

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Whisky hangover worse than vodka: study

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      • this is another great article by Steyn who puts it all in perspective

  2. Darker alcohols pack a bigger hangover punch, news at eleven.

    • Yeah, I thought this was already common knowledge. It's good to see scientific validation of the conventional wisdom, though.

  3. I prefer scotch but if I am worried about hangover the next morning, I go with gin and tonics. Gin gets you lubricated while the tonic keeps you hydrated, it's win win all around because I never get hangovers with G&T's.

    • Gimme three fingers of Glenlivet and some cheese.

  4. bunch of left wing commie study people…a hangover is a hangover regardless of consumption of mouthwash or chivas regal, beer or wudka, whiskey or moonshine…..ise speaketh from speeriance

  5. if i have a lot to drink i will drink a 600mL gatorade and some other liquid (whatevers in the fridge) before bed ..works like wonders….don't wet the bed though !