Whistleblowers say mafia is fixing Montreal construction bids

The city could be paying up to 35 per cent more than it should


Industry whistleblowers have revealed that a small number of construction companies are colluding to artificially keep prices high on major municipal infrastructure projects in the greater Montreal region. Taxpayers may be  paying up to 35 per cent too much, according to a report by Radio Canada. François Beaudry, a former consultant with Quebec’s deputy minister of transport, says the firms are controlled by the mafia and use a fictitious golf game to rig the bids.

For example, an anonymous contractor says the organizer of the “game” would tell the other companies that nine players would be leaving from the fourth hole at 11 o’clock. In this case, the “fourth hole” represents $4 million and “nine players” indicates $900,000, meaning the winning bid would be $4.9 million. “Competing” companies would therefore have to bid above that. “I’m not surprised [by the report]” said Montreal Mayor Gérald Tremblay. “Everyone is focusing on Montreal, but it is a problem across the province of Quebec.”


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Whistleblowers say mafia is fixing Montreal construction bids

  1. Who'da ever thunk that anything like this could ever happen in this great province, DAH! I'm retired for many years and it was going on throughout my 45 yrs. in the industry.Luckily I worked for one of the honest Cos. but you see and hear things eventhough.

  2. Not only does it cost 35% more, it lasts half as long as it should! It is not possible for a weather pattern (eg. the famed 'Freeze-thaw cycle') to start at a border. Time for a public inquiry!

  3. To the many people who just can not accept the reality that the Mafia and the Hells Angels have Historic close ties in Quebec, stop living in your dream world – protecting Criminal Activity.
    BC has had the same thing going on for DECADES!
    If you are not in Engineering, related to Contracting Business, the average person would only assume such activity comes from the Conspiracy concept.
    I have been quite involved with this field for 40 years and in full knowledge of the enormously inflated Construction cost that come from the manditory Need to inflate three times the actual costs to pay off the Corrupt Controllers in BC – Gang sources through POLITICS!!!
    Koodos to CBC and thier GREAT TEAM in this investigation of REALITY!!!
    Excellent and thorough teams like CBC are not creating 'The Conspiracy Concept', but upholding the guidelines in Reorting excellence.

  4. Every Italian in Canada knows this is happening in every major city in Canada but in particular Montreal. All political parties are guity too. All city government’s and provincial governments including the PQ have accepted money in return for contracts as well. I have no idea why this is only seeing the light of day now. Someone must not be getting an envelope of cash!!!
    I would also be very surprised if all these investigations actually changed anything.

  5. Half the city of st-leonard driveways are paved with asphalt that was destined for the Olympic Stadium but somehow the cago of the trucks got dumped elsewhere. C’mon people get a clue.