White House backs Egyptian protesters

Military appoints Mubarak-era PM


The Obama administration is calling for a “full transfer” of power in Egypt to a civilian government, siding with thousands of protesters who have flocked to Cairo’s Tahrir Square to demand the resignation of the country’s ruling military council. Activists are asking that the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, which has ruled Egypt since former dictator Hosni Mubarak stepped down in February, resign immediately and transfer power to a civilian government. In an effort to subdue the protests, the military appointed a new prime minister on Friday, Kamel el-Ganzoury, who served in Mubarak’s cabinet in the 1990s. The military rulers plan to go ahead with parliamentary elections scheduled for Monday, despite violence, spreading dissent, and the refusal of prominent political parties to participate.

The New York Times

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White House backs Egyptian protesters

  1. Three questions- One truth (untold by the media).— Tree Questions:
    1:Who are not protesting?
    The January revolution organizers are not the faces of the current unrest.They:*Used cleverly  facebook to organize the revolution.*Speak fluent English.*They demanded Democracy*Interviewed daily by the media.–2:Who are the protestors?
    Muslim brotherhood supporters.*Organized by Mosques*The Muslim brotherhood stand against Turkish prime minister call in his Cairo visit for a secular democracy.*Muslim brotherhood joint the January revolution, however they were not revolution organizers. Their members demanded Islamist government.*The western media ignored the Muslim brotherhood during the revolution. The western media was locked in their  base less dream of a western type of democracy.__3:Why they demand the army to step down immediately?The Army keeps the transfer time table and election steps agreed.*The ongoing political discussion about the future constitution include a  future duty of the army to be the watch dog of the democracy and avoiding changes by any political party.
    *The Muslim brotherhood don’t want this powerful democracy watch dog.*Transferring the power now- against the post January revolution agreed steps, will prevent the inclusion of the democratic system watchdog. *The Muslim brotherhood agenda is not liberalism, equality between religions, woman equality. Their agenda includes imposing Sharia law, formation of a board of non elected Islamic clerics that will direct the government policy.—
    One truth (untold by the media).Egypt may be transformed into a Suni type of regime similar to Shia Islamist Iran.

  2. No big surprise…Obama supporting the Muslim Brotherhood. Egypt will go from one dictator into another dictatorship. I hope the women enjoy voting…it may be the last time if the Islamists get control of the gov’t…then it’s back to the burkas and no freedoms.

  3. Word to the Egyptian protestors… whatever you do don’t start showing up in parks or on Wall St in the usa… you will lose your American backing.

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