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White House eager to project image of competence

Obama needed to avoid the mistakes of Katrina


Obama is determined not to let Haiti become his administration’s very own Hurricane Katrina fiasco. That is why Obama, in the hours following the announcement of the earthquake in Haiti, ordered an aggressive relief effort and called an emergency meeting at the White House. We know this, in part, thanks to a three-page “ticktock” released by the White House, a minute-by-minute reconstruction of how events unfolded and how Obama responded in the hours and days following the earthquake. The White House has received praise for their response to Haiti, which includes a pledge of $100 million in aid and the deployment of 10,000 troops. Experts agree that disasters can be opportunities for presidents to show their compassion and competence, and the mishandling of the Katrina disaster was a PR disaster the Bush administration never fully recovered from, and a mistake the Obama administration wanted to avoid.

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White House eager to project image of competence

  1. Its pretty hard for Haiti to become Obama's Katrina when its not even in the US.

  2. Poor Obama – nosediving since the other day when he made a real stupid joke about driving a pickup truck and gave the new senator a backroad to drive his truck right into the seat – OUCH! rule # 01: never think that people who drive pickup trucks find jokes about themselves funny Obie!

  3. it's only a year on and people are already forgetting how bad Bush was …he was able to run huge deficits in times of prosperity and got America involved in two huge never ending wars

    • I haven't forgetten how bad Bush was – I despised him. Despite being handed more political capital (to use Bush's words) than anyone since RFK, Obama is worse in every respect. The current US deficit under Obama is more than triple Bush's worst. He has ramped up the existing wars he was handed, started a third, and is threatening to start two more (Yemen and Iran). His acceptance speech for the Nobel Peace Prize was decidely pro-war. His appointees make Bush look insightful. He has continued the trend of making government larger, more oppressive and more cumbersome….. and now he's applying the Shock Doctrine to Haiti, and thinking nobody will notice.