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White House releases Obama birth certificate

Effort aims to counter rumours he wasn’t born in the US


The White House released President Barack Obama’s birth certificate on Wednesday in order to counter ongoing rumours that he wasn’t born in the U.S. A previously released certificate of live birth showed he was born in Hawaii. But “birther” theorists, including potential Republican candidate Donald Trump, have continued to insist he was born in Kenya, his father’s birthplace, thus making him ineligible to be president, the BBC reports. On Wednesday, Obama described the unprecedented move as aimed at ridding the political debate of a conspiracy theory that has grown into a national distraction over the years. “We have better stuff to do. I have better stuff to do,” he said. His long form birth certificate has been stored in a vault in Hawaii since his birth in August 1961.

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White House releases Obama birth certificate

  1. Maybe that'll shut Trump up………. and what's up with his hair?

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    Mr. Donald Troupé has 'Jamaica Hospital' at the top of his (recently, and proudly released) official 'Certificate of Birth'. That part is known.

    What is less well known is that his hair was probably not born in America. I have inside information it came from a woman in Stockholm, Sweden, who had a close DNA match with Mr. Troupé, and it was microtransplanted by a top plastic surgeon who has since disappeared. But the hair is definitely his. He bought it.

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    Seriously, the confusion over 'Birth Certificate', 'Certificate of Birth', 'Certificate of Live Birth', long form, short form, is meaningless. The different terms for the Certificate vary, but different places use different terms. My own 'Certificate of Birth' is in fact two identical documents of which neither is an 'original'. There is no 'original' 'Birth Certificate' from my place and era. The certificates are EXTRACTS of the registration data, the latter being NOT a legally valid form of determining my birth credentials. If I got a signed copy of that information, I would not be able to use it for voting, licensing, or even top secret security clearance, etc. People would look at it and ask me what the hell it was. My certificates, made on the day of my birth—extracts of the registration information—are the present valid certificates.

    If I needed new certificates, they could also be made from the registration data. It's conceivable that original registration data entered on paper on a document somewhere no longer exists. But wherever the official place of records is/will be, that's where I can get a fresh 'Birth Certificate'.

    Obama's short form, which he originally released, was sufficient for ALL legal purposes. So is the new one. The newly released item is no better than the short one. If people demand the release of one person's complete birth documentation from records, it will set a precedent for total confusion, and waste of valuable time of record clerks everywhere. It's my understanding getting the original record information is rather involved in the U.S. It should be. Obama has set a good example by NOT releasing the original data (if it exists). You can't have 100,000,000 people suddenly deciding they would just like to have a copy of their original birth records; and if (as some reports have suggested), Hawaiian original records have been completely replaced or computerized, the 'orginal' documentation does not exist.

  4. Oh don't! Why do moderates always knuckle under to the insatiable demands of these whack jobs?

    This will not setttle or silence anything. It would be better to tell Donald Trump to go to hell.

  5. Does this mean we now get to see Trump's tax returns?

  6. This post should be titled:

    Barack Obama Feeds the Trolls

    I am tremendously disappointed that Mr. Obama chose to cater to the racists. Nothing he does will ever be enough for them. Not one of them will ever, ever vote for him. Not one of them will ever look past the colour of his skin. This will be dismissed just like everything else.

    Bigotry is like that; it looks for reasons to hate, and hates reason.

    • In Rob's world the whining never stops, "Everybody is a racist and a bigot."

  7. Obama supporters–moderates?? LOl LOL LOL LOL
    A stupd issue to be sure but if the current President wasn't so infantile and just fessed up at the beginning they could have spent more time tyring to abvoid the financial toilet. Now they can devote their time to fulltime destruction of the once might U.S. dollar.

  8. He should have done this in the earlier days so he could concentrate on important things that matters most like; economy?, deficit?, debts?, budget planning?, and the three wars they are currently engaged with? Although they are not as important as his golfings, basketball, campaigning, and frequent vacations, it could use a glimpse and by thoughts now and then.

  9. It's not the fake birth certificate / background documentation of the fake pResident nor the color of his skin that will be the reason why he isn't elected for another term. "It's the economy stupid!!" along with misaligning allies and willful destruction of the US.