Who made the cut?

Canada unveils its roster for the men’s Olympic hockey tournament—and the omissions are striking


Steve Yzerman unveiled his selections for the men’s Olympic hockey team roster on Wednesday and, while there will be no shortage of talent in the Canadian dressing room, there are some unexpected selections. Boston Bruins forward Patrice Bergeron’s selection will no doubt be the most-discussed, along with that of the underachieving Philadelphia Flyers’ Mike Richards. On defence, the biggest surprise is the selection of the Los Angeles Kings’ Drew Doughty, who’s by far the youngest member of the squad at a mere 20 years old. However, most of the debate will centre on the omissions: none of the Calgary Flames’ trio of defensive stalwarts (Dion Phaneuf, Jay Bouwmeester, Robyn Regehr) made the cut; nor did either of the Tampa Bay Lightning’s Vincent Lecavalier, Steven Stamkos and Martin St.-Louis. Also overlooked was the NHL’s leading scorer among defencemen, the Washington Capitals’ Mike Green.


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Who made the cut?

  1. Goalies were a given. I had Bouwmeester over Seabrook and Green over Doughty as the seventh D, but that's just personal preference – that blueline looks amazing.

    The forwards are a bit more interesting. I was pulling for St. Louis, to play either with Nash and Crosby or with Getzlaf and Perry. But, as other observers pointed out, he doesn't fit the feel of the rest of the team – size and age being big factors. I thougth Smyth had played himself onto the team this year, even with the injury – he really made Kopitar big in LA. Fisher was making a real case too, though I know the staff loved Mike Richards – it was one or the other, and Richards failings this season have been more from a leadership perspective than on the ice, a role he will not have to fill in Vancouver. No other real surprises being left off – Doan was becoming harder and harder to justify, Brad Richards is too one-dimensional, and while I thought he should have received a longer look, Dustin Penner wasn't going to make it either. No Stamkos will irk some, but he was never going to be more than a 13th forward and Toews fills that role too well to be replaced.

    Bergeron and Staal are really out of left-field for me. Bergeron has never stood out in my mind, and I thought Staal had played himself off the team, even with his solid play this December. Plus, they're centermen, even if they can play the wing – I know that's a standard for Team Canada, but there were some good wingers who could have been taken that, I thought, were equally deserving.

    Anyway, team's picked, and despite my shock to see Bergeron and Staal, it's a solid team that has more than a strong chance of winning gold. It'll be interesting to see how the forward lines come together.

  2. I would have liked to see Cammalleri on the team. He's a real competitor and a natural goal scorer. Not sure why his name wasn't even in the mix.

  3. I would have liked to see somebody a little younger over Pronger, maybe Bouwmeester due to his similar style of play. I just hope my fears of seeing some fast, Swedish/Russian forwards making him look like a pylon aren't realized. Staal was the biggest surprise at forward, especially considering a shoot-out-the-lights guy like Stamkos didn't make it.

  4. Pairing Keith with Seabrook rather than one of the Flames makes sense when you consider that they play together on a nightly basis. The chemistry is already in place for Chicago's top shut-down d-men.

  5. Pretty shocked that Ryan Smith was left off, really shocked with the year he's been having. I mean, really, Bergeron or Richards over Smith? Other than that, the forwards look amazing. Not worried about Pronger on NHL size rink. I hate his dirtiness but he can be a dominant force. I haven't followed NHL too much this year, so the defensive corps is a lot of new names to me. They really went with a changing of the guard there.
    I'm always upset to see Heatley on these teams just because his playoff performance has always been abysmal so it just seems unfair to give him this ego boost, but I have to admit he always done well internationally.

  6. I like the team Stevie Y selected. It is a fair mix of veterans and young players. Some great players were left off, but that doesn't take away from the ones selected.

    Yzerman wanted players who are solid defensively and not prone to dumb penalties. Phaneuf demonstrated last night just why he missed the cut. A stupid 5 minute boarding penalty and a game misconduct. The team can't afford that kind of selfish play in a short tournament.

    Great job Stevie Y!!

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