WHO report urges governments to do more to prevent alcohol abuse

Study estimates booze kills 2.5 million a year


A new report by the World Health Organization says governments aren’t doing enough to prevent alcohol abuse, which the agency estimates is killing 2.5 million people each year. While Canadians’ booze consumption was categorized as “stable,” marked increases in alcohol consumption were recorded in Africa and South-East Asia between 2001-2005. Men in Eastern European countries continue to be particularly hard-hit by alcohol abuse: one in five men in the Russian Federation and neighbouring countries die due to alcohol-related causes each year, according to the study.

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WHO report urges governments to do more to prevent alcohol abuse

  1. Well this is quite the shocker!!!

    "The global body's first report on the subject in seven years recommended that governments raise alcohol taxes, restrict sales, promote alcoholism prevention and treatment programs, and ban some alcohol advertising.

    WHO declined to provide a specific recommendation on the acceptable limit of alcohol consumption, saying setting such a level was up to member states. "

    • I think it is recommended that men limit their daily consumption to two drinks of alcohol per day & women to one drink per day for optimal health.

  2. How? By banning alcohol consumption inducing sports/shows? Close all liquor stores and pubs? Or try the sacred cow, no free health care for chronic drinkers? Good Luck on those! WHO might be better off buying a lottery ticket.

    • The WHO would never suggest taking health care away from chronic drinkers (aka alcoholics) as they see alcholism as a disease to be treated. Rather, they would approach reducing the harm caused by alchol abuse the same way as they have approached that caused by tobacco.

      • Is vaccination (or treatment) for addiction to alcohol, drugs, and tobacco even possible? With the insidious problems societies are facing due to these problems, one would think it would be a priority.

  3. That's a good idea. It may reduce many deaths and the immeasurable amount of money spent on damge done to property and peoples' lives.

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