Who wants to be the next Sandra Buckler?


UPDATE: Two more names added to the pool! Hit the jump to find out who!

It’s the hot new game that’s sweeping the capital: Name the New PMO DComm!

The best part? Since nobody seems to know anything (and if they do, they’re sure being quiet about it), anyone can play!  To get you started, some of the guesses that emerged during last night’s latenight session, plus a few that I threw in after the fact for my own cryptic amusement, and to see if anyone is paying attention:

Dan Miles
Genevieve Desjardins
William Stairs
Ezra Levant
Jason Cherniak
Lisa Samson
Alykhan Velshi
Jason Lietnaer
Dimitri Soudas
Commenter Wayne
John Ivison
Stephen Taylor
Dan Dugas
Kory Teneycke
Line Maheux
Patrick Muttart
Garry Keller
Ryan Sparrow
Yaroslav Baran* (note: currently on the Hill working for Government House Leader Peter Van Loan Government Whip Jay Hill. Sorry about that, Yaroslav! I’m still rooting for you. )
Emma Welford

(These were on the original list but somehow got lost betwixt copy and paste.)
Gwyn Morgan
Luc Lavoie

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Who wants to be the next Sandra Buckler?

  1. “Velshi”.

    It’ll be Baran.

  2. I was going to say something like, no, we wouldn’t be that lucky, but then realized that would be tantamount to having, say, written a Hill Times column that was mildly critical of Stephen Harper back during the pre-merger days, and would thus render him ineligible for the post.

  3. It’ll be a brick wall with a smiley face painted on it.

  4. How about Dan Wallace of Cadman fame?
    There has to be a dark horse in every
    race. I feel like I’m on the Price
    Is Right and will get booed when the
    wheel doesn’t go all the way around.
    Why not use an Elliot?
    They’re multiplying like rabbits
    and no one knows if they are related to
    one another.

  5. Definitely, definitely Wayne.

  6. I vote for Wayne. Or, Ezra Levant. Think- he’s solidly right-wing and doesn’t care if people are pissed off at him. Then again, he may be too much of an *individualist* for Mr. Harper- he prefers machines to people

  7. Commentator Wayne is a natural at repeating parrot-like all the Cons. talking points. He is definitely a natural at it. I vote for him as well.

  8. Go Wayne!

  9. What about Bob Fife?

  10. Sorry, but Wayne just wouldn’t cut it in the Harper PMO. He is definitiely a conservative, and would be fine if the PM was, say, a Progressive Conservative.

    However, Wayne has a tendency to engage in actual debate, and is generally civil and respectful in exchanges with debating opponents.

    He is therefore not a good fit with the Harper PMO communications style.

    I’m thinking the pig-headed and abusive Lowell Green would be a good fit, and he seems to be tiring of his CFRA gig.

    – JV

  11. Mike Duffy – he loves secrets and wink, wink, nudge, nudge stuff – oh, no that’s not a good idea because Duffy is a gossip and Harper doesn’t like nosy, busy bodies.

    Jane Taber – whoops, na, she like gossip.

    Hey – Gerry Nicholls!

  12. Hey Kady, why don’t you apply for the job? These guys desperately need some levity in their communication office.

  13. Hancock can stop speeding trains …

  14. But who would liveblog the ensuing press conference debacles? Actually, I think an official PMO blog would be fabulous. I’m sure there must be other governments who have experimented with something like that, although it’s probably nearly impossible to keep it into turning into a series of not-even-thinly-disguised press releases. An *unofficial* PMO blog, of course, would probably crash the server on a daily basis.

  15. Feschuk: Been there, done that.

  16. I agree w/ CG, we needs a poll.

    And while the smiley brick wall would be the most qualified for the job.

    Me thinks Baran would be good.

  17. Ooh, I forgot the PMO-era Feschuk blog – but that was only during the campaign, right? I wonder if he’d have been allowed to keep it going if they’d managed to win.

  18. Gosh folks I don’t know what to say (Wayne smiles with a great deal of humility) Director of communications hmmm. How does one go about applying for such a position, is it posted on a web site somewhere? Do you actually have to communicate with people though I mean after all I love punditry and the thrust and parry of wisecracks on web forums but I have a serious problem in that I hate stupid questions, which rules out dealing with most of the so called journalists I have read of late. In any event I thank one and all for the support but if nominated I will not run and if elected I will not serve.

  19. Is that poll or pol?

  20. Speaking of political blogs, here is one Harper could appreciate;


    Actually, since it allows for criticism as well as praise, this may not be in his style…

  21. I really like Mike BUBBLES Wallace. He sports enough buttons and badges on BOTH lapels, so he must be qualified. Nest pas ?

  22. “In any event I thank one and all for the support but if nominated I will not run and if elected I will not serve.”

    I’m not confident that mere reluctance will keep you out of the position, Wayne. I can’t help but think of poor Joe Preston and his indentured servitude, and think we might have a similar situation here.

  23. We have an answer! Refresh the main ITQ page for the surprisingly not all that surprising revelation!

  24. Here’s a serious one Kady (well – you know me by now)..
    Helena Guergis…she’s got lots of experience of reading a script, and she ALWAYS keeps her hair looking pristine, just right for flowerpot photo-ops!

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