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Who won the U.S. presidential debate? Depends who you follow

At least in the Twitterverse, everyone is a winner


Who won the debate? Depends on who you ask.

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The first of three presidential debates took place Wednesday night between Barack Obama and Republican nominee Mitt Romney. With pre-debate polls having Obama in a modest lead and New York Times reporting that Romney was working on his “zingers,” the traditionally most-watched debate was ready for scrutiny. But, as is with most debates, less talk revolves around who said what. Instead, much focus revolved around who won and who lied. As you might imagine, at least on Twitter, the answer depends on which partisan pundit you follow. “Obama won.” “Romney won.” And so, everyone is a winner.
Democrats were quick to award the night to Obama.
Romney needed a game changer. Obama easily won, since Romney didn’t land any blows. Nothing changed the dynamic of the race.Mayor Julián Castro
Biden praises Obama debate performance http://njour.nl/T20gaWNational Journal
People who are thinking that Romney won must be the same who think you’re right if you yell louder. Obama was calm, collected, did fine.Melissa Allen Heath
While the larger majority saw Romney winning the night’s debate.
my rating: Romney won the debate, Obama had the facts on his side, and Lehrer sucked. Next debate, get @SethMacFarlane to host!Bill Maher
I think Romney was over aggressive at times but definitely won the debate. However I think Obama will be re elected as presidentReggie Bush
Ok so that was a serious beatdown we all just witnessed. Give them 8 hours and the media will make Obama look like he won.Donald Trump Jr.
The Huffington Post… http://pic.twitter.com/Et9cybf7Patrick Ruffini
If anyone thinks Obama won the debate tonight, they obviously weren’t watching it. Romney killed it! 1st #Debate2012 goes to #RomneyRyan2012Emily Gunderson
CNN: 75% of independents say Romney won debate, 17% say Obama http://i2.cdn.turner.com/cnn/2012/images/10/03/top12.pdfJohn McCormack
Mitt Romney camp’s press release: "What they’re saying: ‘An absolutely one-sided debate’"Matthew Keys
CBS News instapoll: 46% said Romney won. 22% said Obama won. 32% said tie. Decisive win for Romney.Nancy Cordes
“@McCollumAshley: Bet Romney is popping some mad sparkling grape juice in the suite right now.”Jim Roberts
So, really, who won?
DEMOCRATS: "Nice! Obama won!" REPUBLICANS: "Nice! Romney won!"Mike DiCenzo
And while were studying winners and losers based on Twitter re-tweets, on the other spectrum, fact-checkers from both sides looked for any and all inaccuracies.
Fact checkers rip apart @MittRomney’s fact-less debate performance http://n.pr/PbPAuNLis Smith
#DEBATE LIE #1: @BarackObama says healthcare costs are becoming more affordable http://bit.ly/RC9zRK #CantAfford4MoreAndrea Saul
#DEBATE LIE #2: @BarackObama says @MittRomney’s plan is a $5 trillion tax cut http://bit.ly/RC9zRK #CantAfford4MoreAndrea Saul
#DEBATE LIE #3: @BarackObama says his plan is balanced in the manner of Simpson-Bowles http://bit.ly/RC9zRK #CantAfford4MoreAndrea Saul
Fact check: Romney’s tax claims challenged by nonpartisan report. http://OFA.BO/MFE4E1Barack Obama
Obama camp email: "While Mitt Romney’s rhetoric may have sounded polished tonight, it just wasn’t true."Jim Acosta
With talk about who won/who lost and little discussion about concrete policies or plans, perhaps actor Samuel L. Jackson had the best recap of the night’s debate.
What Really happened tonite?! NOBODY changed who they’re voting for!! NOBODY!!!Samuel L. Jackson

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Who won the U.S. presidential debate? Depends who you follow

  1. Romney proved he is a bully with total disregard for Mr.
    Lehrer the Moderator, bent on having his way ..just like a spoiled rich kid
    with all of his in-accurate data-spin while not providing any detail of any
    plan to fix or repair any thing. Come on
    Americans you are smarter than RomneyHood or if you make less than $250,000
    guess what RomneyHood has a screw-you tax just waiting for You the American
    People who didn’t wake up from that nightmare and voted for RomneyHood. Oh Yeah by the way Romneyhood is the “taking
    from the Poor and Middle-Class & giving it to the Rich. The Richer is to get Richer on the backs of
    the Poor and Middle-Class.

    • do you even listen to what you wrote? half of obamas staff has been accused of tax evasion and you think he is for the poor people because he’s slightly less wealthy than romney? neither of them give a rats ass about regular people.

    • What debate did you watch even Obamas supporters at MSNBC will all over Obama

    • Sorry wait, is Obama poor? Does he live in a 2 bedroom apartment and make do with a clunker car? Is he living paycheck to paycheck? Stop with the “wealthy Republicans” stuff because the fact is that there are equally if not more wealthy Democrats.