Who’s NOT jumping the vaccination queue

At least one chief medical officer is following the rules


Among all the stories of flu-shot queue-jumping by, among others, NHL hockey players and the families of health-care professionals, here’s a story about a surprising reluctance to move to the front of the line. Dr. Robert Strang, Nova Scotia’s chief medical officer of health, hasnt had the shot yet. And he says key people in his sort of job don’t deserve early immunization. “Not yet, were not in the risk groups,” Strang told the Halifax Chronicle. “We have a vaccine shortage,” he explained. “That’s an indication of how seriously we take the principle of those at risk of severe disease go first.”

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Who’s NOT jumping the vaccination queue

  1. don't forget we had the Liberals in power for ten years …did they look after the public interest …i seem to remember hearing of brown envelopes stuffed with cash

  2. Citizen, tell me again what the "Evil Harper" has to do with how provincial health authorities hand out the vaccine? It's a provincial responsiblilty. Please leave your pathalogical hatred for the PM at the door and stay on topic. I see there was a huge hurricane just killed a bunch of people in Central America. Would you like to blame him for that as well? While your at it, might as well blame him for the 1918 outbreak. As far as who is jumping the line, I really don't care. This was a non-story to begin with. Hysteria whipped up by a despictable, mostly TV media types desperate for ratings. Every gullible rube stampeded off to an arena a 4am, children in tow to get vaccinated against a virus that kills far less people than the seasonal flu that runs though the country every year. You are about as lilely to be hit by lightning as die of this. We are so lucky to live in a country where spoiled people can stamp their foot and fully expect the nanny state to protect them from everything and reduce the normal risks of day to day living to zero. Any statistician can tell you that is an impossible task. Cheers

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