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Why it sucks to be PQ leader, part CCXXXIV


Thank you, Gary Larson

A few weeks ago, five PQ MNAs resigned. One of the main reasons: Pauline Marois didn’t talk about sovereignty enough.

Today, PQ MNA Benoît Charette resigned. The reason? Pauline Marois talked about sovereignty too much.

Rock, meet hard place.

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Why it sucks to be PQ leader, part CCXXXIV

  1. These are exciting times for federalists.  With the BQ decimated, and the PQ falling apart, are we finally witnessing the decline and fall of the sovereignist movement?

  2. Splitter!

    Why it sucks to lead left wing party. 

    (NSFW, maybe, depends where you work, I guess)


    Steve Pinker:The connections I draw between human nature and political systems in my new book, for example, were prefigured in the debates during the Enlightenment and during the framing of the American Constitution. 

    Madison, for example, asked “What is government itself but the greatest of all reflections on human nature?”