Why only freedom can bring stability to the Middle East

A functional democracy and robust economic growth are the best guarantors of long-term success

Why only freedom can bring stability to the Middle East

Amir Dalsh/Reuters

Ascribing the birth of an international movement to a single act by a single person may grossly misrepresent the process of history. Nonetheless, the tragic story of Mohamed Bouazizi readily explains the issues at play in Tunisia, Egypt and throughout the Middle East. And what must be done to fix the situation.

Bouazizi was, by all accounts, a hard-working if hot-tempered 26-year-old fruit and vegetable seller in the town of Sidi Bouzid, Tunisia; the $5 a day he earned supported his extended family and paid for his sisters to attend school. But in December his cart was confiscated by police for capricious reasons. When he went to local authorities to complain, his entreaties were rudely ignored. In protest and desperation, he then set himself on fire.

This extreme act is now recognized as the spark for mass riots that spread across the country and eventually forced Tunisia’s long-time dictator to flee. The protests moved to Egypt, gathered formidable strength, and pushed 30-year President Hosni Mubarak to announce he would not seek power again. Other countries have also come under siege by protesters. The king of Jordan replaced his entire government this week.

Bouazizi’s complaint was equal parts politics and economics. The produce seller’s primary preoccupation was in scratching out a living in difficult conditions. And when this was taken away from him, he looked for a government that was responsive to his situation. Without the prospect of either, he took the most dramatic action possible. This is a cameo version of the problems facing the entire region.

Despite a population of 83 million, $5 billion a year in receipts from the Suez Canal, a healthy tourism industry and ample U.S. aid, Egypt has been unable to provide its people with a way out of grinding poverty. Countries such as Brazil, India and China have all turned their size and resources to economic advantage, while corruption and strict state control have left Egypt a disappointing 137th in the world in per capita income (US$6,200). Tunisia is actually better off at 114th (US$9,500). Corruption and state control are endemic.

To hold on to power for these 30 years, Mubarak has claimed Egypt had only two choices: his iron-fisted rule or control by the outlawed Islamist group the Muslim Brotherhood. But this was only the case because he persecuted and repressed secular non-Islamist parties that offered greater choice and discourse. Only approved candidates were allowed to contest for the presidency and the most successful of those were thrown in jail. Emergency law has been in place since the 1980s and the press is strictly controlled. Last year, democracy watchdog Freedom House gave Egypt its second-lowest rating for political rights and freedoms.

Now we are witness to a movement that promises meaningful political reform across the Middle East and North Africa, perhaps in the same way that the people of Eastern Europe rose up against their oppressive regimes beginning in 1989 to demand self-determination. The twin universal imperatives of political and economic freedom have become legitimate and tangible objectives for this benighted region.

Of course the rest of the world also has aspirations for this part of the world—chief among these are stability and peace. Egypt’s civil relations with Israel are crucial in this regard and there are legitimate concerns about how Egypt will act if and when Mubarak leaves. The outcomes of the 1917 Russian and 1979 Iranian revolutions provide cautionary tales as to what can happen when radicals hijack the process of change. But this will not be the case if the transition to democracy is handled properly. (The Muslim Brotherhood has so far charted a moderate course in the protest movement.)

A functional democracy and robust economic growth are the best guarantors of long-term stability: citizens with a say and a stake in their country’s future are not likely to throw it all away on pointless wars or repressive rulers. Here again Bouazizi provides some practical evidence. He was neither a religious fanatic nor a political agitator. He was simply an ordinary citizen who wanted to be able to earn a living and have his concerns heard by government in an open and fair manner. That his story has become the central mythology behind this massive movement suggests these are the same things citizens everywhere in the region want as well. They want to be free to live their lives.

“There is a fine line between freedom and chaos,” Mubarak said in addressing his nation last week. But that’s only the case if you don’t believe in freedom.


Why only freedom can bring stability to the Middle East

  1. Good for calling out Tiger's contrived "illness".

    While I'm as skeptical or more than you on this, I suppose if we had to define sex addiction it could be akin to other addictions, where all semblance of a normal life is interrupted for a "fix".

    Of course, this def'n is also fraught with inconsistencies. If you're making repeated sexual advances on people, now you're probably in the criminal sphere if those advances are rebuffed but you're "unable to stop yourself".

    No wonder the DSM-V will likely exclude this wholly or in part.

  2. Tiger had not said a word that he was a sex addict in his apology speech…He just said he went to rehab for his issues..

  3. He is only sorry he got caught. He is just another cheating man. Yes women do it to……

    • …well, of course women "do it to (sic)"! According to Cosh, each one of Woods' partners was surgically enhanced and a party girl. It would have been an even bigger story if his partners had been drugged sheep.

  4. Where have you been hiding sex addiction is a sickness. As far as Tiger's apology goen many people felt his speec was wonderfull & sincere. Why don't you people in the media back off & leave him alone. You media people do not know when to stop leave him & his familt alone and move on to something else. You are disgusting & should be ashamed of your self for what you have written

    • Um. The media didn't go drag Tiger out of his therapeutic cave. He has enough money to disappear from the public eye if that were his desire. Instead, he emerged to use the media for his own agenda while they of course got profits. It was a deal of mutual benefit.

      Tiger's pride was stung at exiting the world stage in disgrace. He wants to restore his name, play a little more golf in the limelight, make a billion more in endorsements. THAT was the reason for the public apology that if anything added more fuel to his wife's humiliation and that of his children when they're old enough to understand.

      Gullible people like you are the kind that he needs to restore luster to his mediocrity in everything but the over-rewarded ability to play a game. He's no philanthropist, no deep thinker, not even a decent family man, not worthy in any way of the notice and riches he's received. Strange what loyalty such an utter zero inspires.

    • Leave him alone, just because he cheats on his wife like so many others only makes him morally bankrupt… not bad? After all he is a nice guy… or is he?

  5. I agree with Jason Winters opinion of Tiger Woods. Young, successful, lots of testosterone, lots of privileges, and countless women throwing themselves at him.
    For some people, men and women, nothing tweaks their sex drive like power. Which is not to say that there shouldn't be an element of control over these situations.

    There was a time, not so long ago, when this situation would have been largely ignored or hushed up. Now, it's splashed all over the place, and to hear it, you'd think it was the first time something like this ever happened. As much as I dislike Tiger's general behavior, I can't say I admire any of these women either. And that includes his wife…would she really have wanted to marry him if he wasn't THE golfer? I understand she came to this country with the whole idea of marrying someone like him.

    As for the idea of sex addiction…..I just have to wonder what will be the next "addiciton" to surface. Will there be TV shows in the future that, instead of saying "Hoarders," will come up with something else, like perhaps "Whorers?" It is but to laugh.

  6. A very contrived article….and it misses the point. The "sex addiction" is not the problem here…if he were single, he'd be considered a highly desirable bachelor by current social norms. The infidelity, lack of commitment and his own personnel "I am above the world" delusion is what got him this infamy. Is this mental illness? Probably not. Is it a personality disorder…..very likely…..will counselling help…..probably. Is he at risk to "re-offend"? Yes. I wish Tiger Good Luck in getting his personnel life back in order and that he will use what he has learned from this "affair" in becoming an even more dominant player on the golf tour!

  7. As a golfer the man is second to none, but a s a person, role model, mentor he is a complete flake.

    • Tiger Woods isn't submitting an application to be your friend, Marty, or raise your kids. He's a professional entertainer. If you don't like him as a person, don't watch him play golf. His relationships are none of your business.

      If he were a white Canadian on the Canadian Men's Olympic Hockey Team, would you care who he spends his time with? Of course we all know that Team Canada practices self-denial.

      • If Woods were white, his media mauling would be exactly the same, probably even worse as color brings better treatment these days, not worse or have you not noticed that a man with a wafer thin resume who would have been laughed out of contention as unqualified and full of himself if he were white is now President of the United States?

        Comparing the world's premier golfer to one of hundreds of star players of a team sport like hockey that is confined to a narrower market is just illogical. As soon as that white Canadian hockey Olympian makes a billion dollars in endorsements, the interest level in his personal life will heighten, whether he's white, black or polka dotted.

      • If Gretsky cheated on Janet (especially to the degree that Tiger cheated on Elin), it would be just as bad, if not worse.

        I think you might be saying things like that, since you want to cut him extra slack … {insert your screen name here}.

    • I think you are a little over the top on this Marty. This guy is Human like the rest of us, and he is as Imperfect as the rest of us.Here's something else, everybody is coming down on Tiger, but what about his Wife? She might be a real Btch and this might be what drove him to stray!

  8. It's ok to be horny! Hurray!

    • hardly the point, is it?

  9. In answer to your question – "How would you distinguish a sex “compulsion” or “addiction” disorder from an unusually strong sex drive?" – I would think an unusually strong sex drive involves wanting to have numerous, long, and various forms of sex with your partner a significant greater number of times per day/week/month than the average, whereas in the case of a sex compulsion/addiction disorder, the former isn't [good] enough so he/she seeks to get more elsewhere.

    Neither you, or I, have examined or are qualified to examine Tiger in order to determine that "Tiger is not sick" as the title of your story suggests. Don't mix what may be your own personal level of disgust with what Tiger did, didn't do, or that you may have found his "statement" disingenuous, with a professional psychological diagnosis of what may be troubling him. You are entitled to the first opinion, you are not qualified for the second.

    • Tiger got up in front of a controlled crowd and lied through his teeth. If you couldn't see that, you aren't qualified to have an opinion. He is not suffering from anything other than being rich, arrogant and surrounded by people who have let him get away with everything he has done. And yes, anyone who has an iota of common sense is qualified to make that statement.

    • That's a relief, when I got married I thought I had to make a decision to be faithful… now I realize I dont have to be… I can just be "sick" as much as I want.

  10. Let's not get carried away here – Tiger was not ever addicted to sex; he is addicted to himself and his perceived entitlement. Tiger loved the power that being great at golf gave him. Maybe his therapist will help him understand that. Let's stop talking about this very human, very predictable, very unfortunate fortunate guy.

  11. Wow. Sad. I think Jason Winters has it right (young, successful, lots of testosterone, lots of privileges, and countless women throwing themselves at him). I think a person can be 'an addictive personality' and that lowers ones resistance to all sorts of addictions: sex, the gym, chocolate, shoe shopping,alcohol, some drugs… What we, as parents of the last generation, haven't done well is instill strong values and a thorough idea of 'needs'. We couldn't: we didn't have a strong sense of ourselves. If you've been interested enough to read this and to read this far, consider Marshall Rosenberg and his NVC – aka non-violent communication or compassionate communication. He believes that we all have a unique 'fingerprint' of needs which we have to address. And we can learn to address them in socially acceptable ways. "Call me, Tiger. I actually live near your home in Victoria BC. You can get over this problem fairly easily. And please take comfort in the fact that you are not sick. Thank goodness you're not sick…


    • Isn't Canada the place where men have had 20 sexual partners by the time they are 35? I'm sure I've read that in the Maclean's yearly round-up on all things Canadian. Canadian women have had 10 sexual partners per those issues. Why all the fuss, Canada? You have no problem with vice.

  13. And still more fodder for the dumbing down of North American intellect & morality. The label of sex addict (or any other label of the day) is no more than a clever euphemism spun by media managers who are highly paid to manage branding & image control problems. Tiger is just another modern day sociopath (look it up folks). He's no different from other sports figures who have engaged in similar shameful activities – devious CEO's who have dragged the world's economies into the sewer – egomaniacal politicians who have stigmatized their profession – arrogant & corrupt military brass & policemen who have tarnished their forces – or heinous clergymen who have demoralized their churches & religion. They're all pathological slime balls who play different Machiavellian games and who are protected by their money loving masters They all need to be drummed out of their professions with exhaustive & highly critical media. Maybe they'll understand how their victims felt ? Unfortunately, they usually have more than enough money to engage lawyers, media spin managers, and Hollywood psychological help to get them out of their self indulgent & odious messes.

    • Finally – an intelligent comment!

    • Bravo. Well said, both of Tiger and the rest of the chicken thieves…. Especially the guys who drew $50 million bonuses, and then bankrupted the firms they were meant to manage and the shareholders interests they were "due diligence" supposed to protect. Yes: self indulgent, odious – two well fitting words.

      Except in Tiger's case, no victims….

      a. Those women threw themselves at him, hoping for sex, money (child support?), whatever. And when the chance came for 15 minutes of fame, they chased that too. We already know thier morals. It is not like they could not have been aware that he was married.
      b. His wife? Shrug. A billion bucks dries a lot of tears. Surely, she must have had some idea of his personality before she married him. …
      c. His kids. Well, yes, perhaps, (depends on their personalities, age, level of exposure…) but their cushy lifestyles will not be interrupted. Many MANY other childrem have "wandering" mums and dads and get over it.
      d. The media? Hah! This was a Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas/Easter present for them. They got fame, fortune, and more mileage than the entire Space Shuttle fleet. The vultures ate well, yes.
      e. The fans? Um, Tiger was/is an entertainer. Were you not entertained? If you are entertained sitting in an easy chair
      , drinking beer and eating pretzels, while watching a fine walk spoiled by a little white ball refusing to fall into a plastic cup…. surely this media event was heavenly entertainment for you!

      Maybe we need to pay real people some real money for the real jobs they do, often dangerous, and not overpay mannekins for doing, well, really nothing of value for the world….

      Rome was decadent too, before it fell. I fear our day is coming.

    • Wow. You wagged your finger at Woods AND the rest of the elusive darty eyed slippery sloped bipeds. Nice.
      Not to mention, enough money to actually own that media AND golf with judges and legislators, so who will hold anyone anywhere to account? Honest and decent men who try to are modest incomed lepers in the old boy's club, at least in some circles. I would love a return to accountability, but with acquisition (greed) almost a value these days, I'm not holding my breath. Shopping seems to have replaced the tire swing and the treehouse, and playing fair ruled scrub at the park, so it's all some know.

      • A long time ago I heard an interesting saying. Almost everyone's problems come from a four letter word which is spelled H-O-M-E. Found this post which I think summed up the problem of accountability pretty simply. "It went out the door when you were no longer allowed to spank your children and instead it became the fault of someone else that your kid misbehaved. And the way rewards now go for bad behavior, even the "balloon kid" got his dad what he wanted – Attention. Kids now expect someone else to clean up after them, do their home work (I see the questions out here- Google it yourself, we used to have to go to the library and know how to use the Dewey system) and no common sense or manners are taught anymore.. kids do not know what please and thank you mean.. the beginnings of the end of our society." So I guess Tiger's daddy wasn't so perfect after all!

  14. Lets call a spade a spade, he's an absolute normal male living the life all us guys would like too. If his wife is stupid enough to devorce him there is a line up of 50 gals just waiting.

    • You're a wanka Don my friend……….xx

    • Oh and learn how to spell DIVORCE………..xx

    • "living the life all us guys would like too"

      maybe all the superficial arrested development guys…

  15. Alpha Guy: it's okay to be horny, but as grown ups we learn to control our impulses. Oh yeah, we live in a self-centred "ME" culture that doesn't believe in controling our impulses or growing up, just doing what makes us feel good in the moment, no matter if it hurts our husbands, wives, children, etc. Someone who is not able to control their impulses, regardless of the consequences, is called an "addict" I believe. Who is to say whether he "couldn't" control his impulses, or just chose not to, though.

  16. Why do some people like to lash out at a fallen hero. Is there no empathy or compassion anymore. He (Tiger) is looking for redemption, probably has no choice, but why not give him a chance.

    I am not a male or aTiger worshipper but we are all human and he has not committed a crime. Fallen, yes, but deserves a second chance. The only ones he has really hurt are his family and they seem well able to defend themselves, especially the wife. As for 'the girls', they should not have been with him in the first place but one can't help but feel a little sorry for them too. However they are probably better off now than they ever were is one way or another!

    I for one admire a high achiever and would like to see Tiger return and compete.

    • Please avoid using the word "hero" to describe a selfish hedonist like Woods either before or after his fall.

      It should be confined to those who do something of benefit to others that entails great effort or risk.

      • I admit I was using the word 'hero' very loosely, more as one would in referring to a movie star or sports figure. (Aren't lots of sports stars called 'heroes', something I never agreed with. ) I was really referring to a very successful person. When such a person falls, even a politician, many people like to 'attack'.
        You are using the dictionary meaning of hero, and there's nothing wrong with that.

        But Tiger has opened hockey schools in both eastern and western USA. That's more than most 'stars' have done.

        As for the word again, I do not think a person is a hero bacause of joining the army and going overseas, even killed for that matter. My father spent four years fighting in Europe in the first world war and his brother was killed there, and another uncle went down with his plane over Germany, but we never referred to them as heroes.

        There are many ways to use the word. I suppose in Tiger's case it was because he became the world's top golfer, and that made him a 'sports hero'.

        • You are correct. You have nothing to appologize for. tiger is a hero. Remember we are talking about what he became famous for, not his private life. For that reason he is a HERO. (IN GOLF AND HAVING MORE THAN 100,000 CHILDREN WORLD WIDE THROUGH HIS LEARNING ACADEMIES ETC. AND HELPING TO KEEP THEM OFF THE STREET) How many other sport star or other can boast that. Before writing negative comments about Tiger the writer must look in the mirror (deep) and check on what he or she sees. they also should look at there own family background and see if there is anyone that cheated, killed someone, went to joal, stole something, did something wrong when no one was looking etc. etc. THINK ABOUT IT.
          Best regards

  17. Don't let them persuade you that you're sick Tiger! If you chose to act in those ways – whatever they really were – so be it. As adults we do all have to be responsible for our actions and to bear the consequences. So long as those were your free choices? If not, there is a very effective way to discover who you really are… What do you really want and need? Make all you actions 'deliberate'. Find a counsellor who uses NVC and discover real freedom – the freedom that comes from knowing exactly who you are, what you want and need and how to get it. Without necessarily hurting anyone.

  18. Instead of an illness, can we call it a character flaw? All old-school morality aside, the man is married, and that presumes sexual fidelity. That he made this commitment and broke it so often is a character flaw. Maybe he is sexually compulsive (I reject the addict label),but I doubt he was when he started screwing every part girl that came by (I subscribe to the theory that doing something often can make it a compulsion).

    Some may say that his problem was getting married, and in a way it was. He tried to live by two different rules, one traditional (married, children, etc.) and one very traditional (maximize pleasure). He needs to decide which set of rules he wants to follow. Once that conflict is resolved, he should be fine.

  19. I just watched Tigers interview on youtube. He hasn't a clue what he's done. Idiot.

  20. Men can catch Zipperitus Gravitas!
    Maybe they'll come up with a vaccine.
    Looks like Colby is a conformist in line with my thinking.

  21. It is Nike, not Niki. Maybe that's why they didn't reply.

  22. The comments made by most people amaze me. It is extremely easy to moralize about other people's actions. I wager most of the moralizers have never been in a position away from their significant other and had a very desirable, handsome/ beautiful person of the opposite sex enchant them. They can say" no not me, I would never allow myself to succumb to the temptation." They are probably right because they are the type of persons that a very desirable, handsome/beautiful person would not bother trying to enchant. They never had the opportunity availed to them so it is very easy to attack a person who did. Give the guy a break, he is a handsome, verile young man who succumbed to the wiles of some of the many beautiful young women who sought to bed him. He's not sick , he's a normal human male but very talented and rich.

    • All good points, except that when they tie the know, which nobody forces them to do, they happen to be making a vow. There's a difference between an athlete romping around and a married athlete romping around.

  23. "How would you distinguish a sex “compulsion” or “addiction” disorder from an unusually strong sex drive?"

    Focus on actions other than having lots of sex? If people are just having lots of sex, than they are unusually horny. If they are robbing corner stores to pay for hooker or somesuch than I could understand 'addict' label.

    Athletes seem to be getting caught having extramarital sex recently. Two english football players, Ashley Cole and John Terry, have been caught playing away from home recently.

    • Athletes cheat all the time, may of them. Tiger himself said "I need to buy a Kobe special" on his way to buy a rock to assuage his wife, in reference to Kobe Bryant's cheating escapades. The chances that an athlete is a cheater is directly correlated with how much his wife looks like a model. The prettier she is, the more likely he will cheat, and the richer the athlete, the more likely he will have a gorgeous wife.

  24. Not only that, but we observe the possible presence of the very contagious and chronic Indulgeicus Allowicus!

  25. …and last, but not least, the possible presence of underlying Ethicitus Conditionalitus.

  26. Today, it seems, whenever we do wish to be accountable for our behavior or we don't want to take responsibility for our actions, we make it an illness. When we label it an illness, we issue a pass.

    Men and women have been cheating on partners since the beginning of time. It is no different than children who do something they have been told not to do because they think they will get away with it. When the right punishment (or consequence) is applied, the behavior changes. If we are not given consequences, we often do not feel the need or drive to change our behavior.

    Just a thought.

  27. Does loving yourself – and loving the power that being great at something gives you – make you a bad person? I guess in the media we Canadians like a more humble approach? Haven't young men throughout time bonked everything in sight, especially when it throws itself at them? Were they all sick? Do we call all the young people – men and women – who have new masters degrees and earn a fortune on Wall Street with their new law degrees (and behave in very 'interesting' ways) "sick"? Learn how to CHOOSE what you do, rather than just 'end up' doing it – and no, I don't subscribe to any of this being a sickness. We have to learn what we want and then do it. Very doable. Society and family normally shape our young people. Unfortunately society is going through a rough patch. Is Tiger a sociopath? Doubtful – I see no evidence of that. Don't let 'handlers' persuade you that you're sick. Find a counsellor who uses NVC and discover real freedom – the freedom that comes from knowing exactly what you want and need and how to get it. Without hurting anyone.

    • I guess Tiger followed Nike's slogan of " Just Do It". Oops, forgot he was married. That's the problem with society today & too many young kids, rich & otherwise . Yeah people like Tiger are smart, well educated, pretty & think they make the world go round. The problem is they have the value systems & morals of an alley cat (but not I'm so sorry Tiger!). And you're right, it is societies' fault. Absentee parents, internet porn & scum, Hollywood trash, tasteless music, greedy businessmen, self serving politicians, lack of accountability, ridiculous justice system, more drugs than candy, et al! The only thing that gets respect these days is money & power & the result is an ever growing greed in society. And it's this culture which is producing these sociopaths in all walks of life. I agree with NVC – too bad it's not mandatory in grades 1-12.

  28. Canadians have no problem with sexual vice. According to Maclean's yearly report on all things Canadian, Canadian men and women indulge themselves shamelessly in matters of sex. Average Canadian man, 20 sexual partners. Average Canadian woman, 10. Of those 20 sexual partners, Gentlemen, how many flings while you were in a committed relationship? Ladies? Most, I'll bet.

    Canadians aren't a particularly religious people. So, why the animus against Tiger Woods?

  29. As someone who has been in a 12 Step program for 35 years, Tiger Woods well rehearsed speech was all too familiar of the potential "slipper". He didn't sound to me like he wants to recover from whatever causes this unacceptable behaviour. He wants to save his reputation, to salvage his marriage, to keep his "bosses" (sponsors) happy and is saying what he has to say to do just that. He literally was paying lip service to his problem, whatever you call it, and i would be willing to bet that as soon as Elin is back (and quickly pregnant again so the whole world will know that they are really "together") , and his bosses are happy and the public has forgiven his transgressions because still can win tournaments, he will be out there again, fooling around, but this time more savy about how to keep these things quiet. Sorry, Tiger, as we say in AA, "you haven't hit your bottom yet, keep coming back!"

  30. You gotta admire a guy who can juggle a dozen+ women, and still win golf tournaments. I once dated 2 women at the same time, and the amount of effort was crippling. I suspect that the rest of the pga hired these women to try to put him off his game, and who could blame them. When he returns, if he channels half of his cheating energy into golf, he'll be unstoppable!

  31. It does sound more like poor choices that anyone could make rather than a psychological problem.
    A habit of making poor choices is indeed a disorder, but generally a disorder of character, not mental or physical health.

    Anyway, he's done no worse than many of us probably would in his circumstances. There, but for the grace of God, go we all.

    • The "there but for the grace of God" quote seems singularly inappropriate. Woods wasn't in an accident (before he hit the tree). He wasn't walking along minding his own business and then tragically buried under an avalanche of bimbos.

      • ROFL! Thanks for the belly laugh!

      • Right then. There but for the grace of God go all of us but Minaka, who never makes seriously bad decisions.

        • Well, it's true I've never made twelve or more of the identical bad decision in a row.

          • Either you're outstandingly good or I'm outstandingly bad then, because I can't think of too many bad choices that I haven't repeated at least a dozen times.

  32. We have all forgotten one important thing here! The OTHER side of the story! Maybe, just maybe, Tigers Wife is a real BTCH! Did any of you think of that? Maybe he was driven to this.Maybe he was looking for happiness in other Woman! Oh, and the sex addict thing?..BS!!

    • If that was indeed the case, and his home life sucked, then get a divorce ,,then go out and find your happiness,would have saved a lot of shame and embaressment for everyone involved… also would have saved him a fortune.

  33. Stating that Tiger has a sex addiction is a crock. The only basis for this "diagnosis" is that he was sexually impulsive, and that he reacted to opportunity, welcomed any given occurrence of women offering to engage in sexual contact, and that, is not sufficient enough a reason to categorize his activities as an illness or addiction. If Tiger's escapades define him as an addict, then I too am an addict, and I am guessing that most people reading this could also be defined as addicts if given the opportunity. Tiger's problem is that he got caught. If Tiger had an open marriage with other women is commonplace, would the he still be labelled "an addict"? I am guessing not. Perhaps when people stop valuating his situation according to their faith; their morally superior belief about marriage and tried looking at this as imply a physical activity for a young man among hundreds of millions of men world wide, then maybe the truth about this situation will be realized. Tiger is simply a horny guy who lucked out because he is famous, has money and for him, it physically felt good.

  34. I agree with you completely. Everything now days is about how much money you make, no matter how you make it.

  35. "Sex addiction" is about as legitimate an "illness" as "breathing addiction". I'm fed up with people making up fancy "diseases" to avoid taking responsibility for their stupid and misguided actions. Just grow up.

  36. I am really appalled at the continuing "trashing" of an athlete for something that has nothing to do for what he is recognized and respected for.
    The "media" and all his detractors should remember what Tiger Wood is; an athlete and a marvelous golf player. What he does with his personal life is not my, or anybody's business, I did not get to know the best golfer alive because he is married or have children or an expensive car or a house; I admire him for his golfing abilities, nothing more … I do have a wife, a car and children, and personal flaws just like him … and like most of the human race I my add.
    That he is amazing with a golf club in his hand and I can not emulate what he does is the reason that I admire him, not what he wears, who he date or to whom he is married or because he have girlfriends … his private life is just like most of us, mundane and full of mistakes and personal pains.
    That the media and stupid puritans "can not cope" with the reality that without a golf club he is just like the rest of us is mind-blowing, LET HIM ALONE and let him live his personal life as we all want for ourselves, in private.
    How "nice" is to be like Colby Cosh and the likes of him that they have an unblemished life, never lie or slander another human being … should they ask themselves if they have nothing to be ashamed off first.

  37. Tiger's sponsors paid him for being a great golfer, not a great husband, unless there was a 'morals' clause in his contracts. Why isn't anybody slamming the sleezy women who bedded him?
    Marriage is an unnatural state for both men and women; it was originally patriarchally invented for purposes of identifying offspring. Now that we have DNA tests for that, marriage is merely a romantic promise of fidelity. For couples with children it is an entirely different minefield. I hope that Tiger and Elin work it out for the sake of the children, however they make it work.

  38. So if Tiger is "cured" at this rehab clinic, and goes back to Elin (assuming she'll have him back) and they return to doing it "missionary style" once or twice a week like most normal marriages, will there be a follow-up press conference to let us know that he's now okay?

    • The marriage bed & home life are exclusively for Tiger & Elin only! However, if he chooses another partner for something other than a round of golf, then he's big game for the media & he will be caged. He's a highly paid celeb. who knows the price of fame & fortune & the media scrutiny his carefully managed image will receive, especially if he can't keep his balls on the right fairway! If he can't stand the pressure, guess he'll need to retire his putter. Tiger needs to forget this pathetic sex rehab scam & just reenrol himself & his kids in kindergarten (or a good church) & relearn some morals & values. He ain't superman & he now knows he can't control 15 women & the media, no matter how big he thinks his driver is! A big dose of media Kryptonite was exactly what he needed to end this disgraceful round.

  39. It is what it is. He's a cheater and a liar and a poor example for his kids or anyone.

  40. Hear hear!

  41. Whether one chooses to describe Tiger's serial philandering as normal or a sickness, from news accounts it is nevertheless an entrenched aspect of his personality. He has an intense need for sexual gratification with different women and for him satisfying that interest is about as easy as ordering lunch. To believe that this urge will be removed with a few months of "therapy" is a gross error. His wife has two realsitic options. One is to recognize that he is going to be having sex from time to time with different women and to adjust to that condition as many wives do. The other is to decide that she does not wish to continue being married to someone who has those sexual requirements. James

  42. To me Tiger's sexual inclinations are not something that he has, but are an aspect of what he is. Expecting him to change his sexual inclinations is essentially like expecting a tiger to change its stripes. James

  43. How can this not be called an addiction? He has no control over it – to the point that he lost his family and an insane amount of money. Anything that causes you to lose that much control of yourself can be called an addiction. It's one thing to have a huge sex drive, but it's quite another to let it ruin your life.

    • I would have to agree with you disappointed. As a lust addict myself and 12 step program lifer, I agree compulsive sex acts with or without another sex partner is an addiction. Is an ADDICTIOn a DISEASE? Good question, but in a practical sense more this question is rhetrorical in nature.
      If a person has negative consequences to their behavior and is unable to stop the behavior then this true insanity. Or like the age old definition of insanity, " doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results."

      Is Tiger truly contrite and repentant for his actions. Another great question, but honestly only he and his Higher Power/God have this knowledge. I only hope and pray Tiger will get the help he needs and be accountable to others for his thoughts and actions.

      The GOOD in this situation, as there is always good with bad, is that his actions and addiction have shed light to perhaps the commonness of this addiction.

  44. I think this article is spot on. Tiger is a young strong good looking guy that women chase worldwide. As a young man myself I loved sex and found it impossible to say no to beautiful women. I did not have an addiction …I just loved sex. After looking back on earlier years recalled that there were about three women who really satisfied me. I also loved these women, and had I been married to one of them, I would not have cheated. I am sure that other lesser athletes have women in every city they perform …that could be dozens..far .more than Tiger. In conclusion, I don't think what he did is right, but he is not a sicko.
    1./ He was married before he was mature enough, and clearly is not good at cheating.
    2./ Because of inexperience, He underestimated the cunning of women, predators, & the pitfalls of the electronic era.
    3./ I always wondered about his spiritual life. ( I admire Zack Johnson for that). He needs a healthy spiritual life
    turning to Jesus Christ…not Budda. Unless he fixes thing with God, there will always be room for the evil one.
    A healthy spiritual relationship wih God will cure everything. I hope he reads this comment.

  45. I always admired Tiger for his golf talent. Not for his private life. How many of you out there are without reproach!!!. Remember if you are looking for revenge by means of comments etc while hiding. You better dig two graves. He owes us nothing more than the golf we enjoy. His private life is just that, PRIVATE. As there is close to seventy percent of Americans divorced or separated how do you think they got there???. I THINK THE WRITER OF THIS ARTICLE SHOULD FIND ANOTHER PROFESSION.

    Best regards

  46. It is nice to see how perfect of a person you are. The rest of us can only wish we could be like you. By the way the sponsors are making money on Tiger. You seem to think that he is also taking advantage of the sponsors. Your article is luaghable. Go look in the miror and look deep and see what you find. You may also need help.

    Best regards

  47. Tiger is a hero. Remember we are talking about what he became famous for, not his private life. For that reason he is a HERO. (IN GOLF AND HAVING MORE THAN 100,000 CHILDREN WORLD WIDE THROUGH HIS LEARNING ACADEMIES ETC. AND HELPING TO KEEP THEM OFF THE STREET) Tiger started that at the age of twenty and he did not have the millions now has. What did you do at the age of twenty!!!. How many other sport star can boast about that. Before writing negative comments about Tiger the writer must look in the mirror (deep) and check on what he or she sees. They also should look at their own family background and see if there is anyone that cheated, killed someone, went to jail, stole something, did something wrong when no one was looking, drove a vehicle under the influence, did drugs, sold drugs that destroyed the lives of hundreds, drove through red lights that could of killed a family etc. etc. THINK ABOUT IT. If you choose to continue, you will need to dig two graves.
    Best regards

  48. "Now we are witness to a movement that promises meaningful political reform across the Middle East and North Africa, perhaps in the same way that the people of Eastern Europe rose up against their oppressive regimes beginning in 1989 to demand self-determination."

    You so cavalierly say self-determination, freedom, democracy and too easily make cultural equivalency. What will you be saying when they start self-determining to upset the apple cart? Qui bono?

    The totality of Canadians have no idea of the contents of the interlocking backroom deals at play in the freedom farce.

  49. Other than Iraq, forced to accept a form of democravcy, the Middle East countries have not experienced our democracy, except for stable Israel. Turkey seems to be of the One person, one vote, one time nations like Iran.

    Perhaps there shoud be a transition government after Mubarak leaves and the other parties seriously vetted.

    Following are two links that might question and add to the editors' awareness.

    One Person. One Vote. One Time… Then what? Thank goodness for democratic Israel http://onwardjames.blogspot.com/2011/02/one-perso

    Barack Hussein Obama, George Soros, Egypt, Muslim Brotherhood — Conspiracy? http://onwardjames.blogspot.com/2011/02/barack-hu

  50. While I'm as keen as anyone on seeing Islamists frustrated in their agenda, I think the cure of holding an entire country down under authoritarian rule is worse than the disease. Yes, if Mubarak and others like him go, there is a risk Islamist parties will take power and threaten Israel and other Western interests in the region. But we have to let that happen, if that is the will of the people, and deal with the consequences as they emerge. I for one doubt a country as cosmopoltian and sophisticated as Egypt will hand total power to Islamists as Iran did. The world is different now because people have so much more information.

  51. I love the way you guys link corruption and state control as if they're the same thing. It just makes the folks around here who scream about "lefty" bias so much the funnier.

  52. Freedom does not generate stability. In fact, transitional democracies (ie. new democracies without a well-established civil society and fraught with internal divisions) are more likely to engage in conflicts with their neighbours than other states (including authoritarian regimes).

    Mansfield and Snyder outline this in considerable detail in their published work, most notably the book "Electing to Fight". Here is the relative risk for war by transition type:

    Incomplete democratic transition: 2.5%
    complete democratic transition: ~0%
    Incomplete autocratic transition: 2%
    Complete autocratic transition: ~1%

    Transitions, especially incomplete democratic ones, maximize the likelihood of war.

  53. The next couple years summarized:

    1. A once secular Egypt becomes Islamic
    2. religious persecution on non-Muslims
    3. The pyramids are converted into mosques
    4. Egypt attacks Israel

  54. Given a choice, Muslims tend to favour poverty and violence over peace and prosperity for ideological reasons – witness Hamas and Hezbollah.

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