Why we should believe Ross Rebagliati

Study shows exercise, stress can trigger “reintoxication”


When Canadian snowboarder Ross Rebagliati tested positive for marijuana at the 1998 Olympics, he almost lost his gold medal. Rebagliati insisted that he hadn’t smoked weed since 1997, and must have inhaled second-hand smoke at a party. In the end, the IOC returned the hardware, saying it didn’t have the authority to strip him of it. But a new study might explain what happened. According to researchers at the University of Sydney, stress or exercise can cause “reintoxication.” In other words: athletes may test positive for cannabis, despite not having used the drug in a long time. As tests on rats revealed, because tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is stored in fat cells, rapid weight loss can release it into the blood stream. The next step, they say, is to show the same results in humans.

New Scientist

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Why we should believe Ross Rebagliati

  1. What,s not to believe,the IOC said they didn,t have the authority to strip him of his Gold metal even though he tested positive.The stress for Ross ,of waiting and not knowing if he was going to recieve his metal could of been a contributing factor of reintoxication alone.Apparently Ross rapidly lost 4 kilograms of weight just before he was tested does that ring out stress or what.

    Devote Canadian Fan,Sue Rebagliati

  2. "everybody must get stoned" (Bob Dylan)