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UPDATED: Wiebo Ludwig released without charge

Police continue to search the home of the convicted eco-bomber in connection with the EnCana pipeline blasts


UPDATE: Wiebo Ludwig was released from custody on Saturday without charge. But police continue to comb his property in Hythe, Alta., with their five-day search warrant—which mentions “red and blue pens, writing paper, recording equipment and explosives, according to Ludwig’s lawyer, Paul Moreau.”

(Jan. 8, 2009) News reports say that Wiebo Ludwig, the eccentric head of a religious commune in northwest Alberta, has been arrested on his property outside Hythe, Alta., in connection with a series of EnCana pipepline blasts in British Columbia that began in October, 2008. Ludwig spent time in prison for a similar spate of bombings a decade ago, but had more recently offered authorities help finding the EnCana bomber.

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UPDATED: Wiebo Ludwig released without charge

  1. The police outsmarted him. He helped them , because he was cocky. Ludwig, back to jail, and next time you write an, 'open' letter to the bomber- yourself, so be so cute!

  2. Scape Goat!

  3. I know! You shoot and kill a 16year old girl for joyriding on your property and then are later convicted for other bombings, and all of a sudden the police think _you're_ the bad guy? What's the deal with that?!1

  4. is he the only "anarchist" in town?
    town = ChaaaNaada

  5. Nuance…He was not arrested at his house, he was lured to an informative meeting with RCMP, arrested and taken into custody.

  6. don't know the full story, but they are trying to paint him as an eco-terrorist …which means when the left wing gets all right wing

  7. with the rcmp's penchant for blowing up mailboxes and burning barns,not to mention shooting handcuffed prisoners in the back of the head, electrocuting harmless travellers ,ect,kind of makes me wonder about the veracity of the rcmp.
    Sorry i dont believe them anymore.. if they find anything on wiebos farm ,they planted it there as far as I am concerned.

    • It's backwards thinking like Bill's that hampers this country again and again. To paint every RCMP officer with the same paintbrush because of the actions of a relative few is ridiculous. Are all single moms drug users who can't hold down a job? Are all carpenters out to screw people over? Are all priests secretly molesting little boys? Of course not, but because a few did, I suppose we should persecute them all right Bill?

      I am born and raised in GP (that's Grande Prairie), and Ludwig has gotten away with FAR too much in his decades of destruction here. The fact that no-one was ever arrested for Willis' murder is a disgrace to Canadians.

  8. Is he guilty then? Or there will be another investigation?