WikiLeaks' Assange has cables as “insurance” -

WikiLeaks’ Assange has cables as “insurance”

Threatens to embarrass media mogul Rupert Murdoch


WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who leaked sensitive government cables that embarrassed governments around the world, claims he is in possession of documents that could damage Rupert Murdoch, CEO of powerful News Corp. “There are 504 U.S. embassy cables on one broadcasting organization and there are cables on Murdoch and News Corp,” Assange told the New Statesman magazine. He said if something happens to him or his supporters, his “insurance” cables will be released. Murdoch’s right-wing Fox News has been particularly critical of Assange.


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WikiLeaks’ Assange has cables as “insurance”

  1. Sounds like WikiLeaks would like a little more cooperation from mainstream media. I don't think he's going to get it. The people he's trying to encourage have only one emotion for him: hate.

    Please release the cables, WikiLeaks. We, the people, want to know all about it. :)

  2. The information crusader has turned into a regular blackmailer. How totally un surprising. Scum will revert to his natural behaviour.

    • Guest : When you were referring to Mr. Assange I think there was a typo…Did you not mean ''Scumbag?'' or did you mean just plain old ''Scum?" Either way describes him I suppose…Personally I prefer Scumbag,…….

  3. @Guest : you are calling Assanage a scum?…ahhh, sheeps: you disgrace humanity.

  4. When the only trick in your bag is the free access of information, what else can you do?
    Also Fox News manipulates information for their own purposes only, most of the time.
    I want them to release the cables, even if only to watch The Daily Show make fun of the whole thing… by getting the facts right.

  5. so Assange a blackmailer ? four letter words to you plus another one of three letters. People with low IQ like you are a pain to all of us, and I should ignore you but I cant put up with retarded, so here it goes. A blackmailer is a person who wants to fulfill a purpose of his and devises up a way to extortionate an individual who has done nothing to him.
    In the case of Assange, he is being calumniated, his person gravely insulted and so far I haven't seen any rude word coming from him. He however, rightfully is entitled to issue a warning. For your own good, don't attack me. That is, he doesn't even threaten them, he issues a legitimate warning, something for which Murdoch should be VERY grateful as he has been given an opportunity to step back.

    • Nathan..Definition of Blackmail…is the act of threatening to reveal substantially true information,to the public, a family member or associate unless a demand is met…Sounds like our Poster Boy for free speech fits the criteria of black mailer……

    • Sorry, but no. Assange IS a scumbag, trying to pass himself off as a crusader. Freedom of information goes only so far; there is also a righ to privacy, and Assange not only doesn't know where that line is, but doesn't believe it exists. "Blackmailer" may be the wrong word in the strictest sense, but his actions are a combination of threat and boast designed to (a) get what he wants and (b) continue to get the media – and through them the world – to continue to shine a spotlight on him as a way to feed his own ego.

  6. Someone's rather prejudiced comment here shows that he's either an idiot or can't read or both when calling Julian Assange a "regular blackmailer" and "scum"!
    Read …. and use that space between your ears to understand!

    "He (Assange) said if something happens to him or his supporters, his “insurance” cables will be released."

    Does that sound like blackmail when he's simply asking for himself and his supporters to be left unharmed. Remember there are idiots that want him assassinated?

    • Are you implying that Murdoch is behind the plots? It certainly sounds like Assange thinks so; otherwise, the cables aren't much "insurance". Or could it be that the spotlight is fading and Assange wants a few more minutes under its glow?

  7. Release the lot of the cables ! the people want them !
    We are not going to forget Assanges' great work and the Wikileaks effort to uncover these bastards running our countrys into the ground and killing the human spirit

  8. Either release them or don't but drop the whoa is me crap. Either have the gonads to fight for what you believe in or turtle away from lime light.

  9. If you are following Wikileaks on the global level, you are probably much more aware of both the impact of the contents and the response of the US government.

    Relying on the Canadian or American press, who are not reporting even an eighth of the information, leaves one inadequate in forming an intelligent, informed opinion.

    I would also add that not only are we uninformed by the media of cable contents and their significance, there is also an astonishing lack of serious reporting in the news media of the social significance of events taking place around the leaks. Not the least of these is a the chilling glimpse of facism just south of us.

  10. The only slight problem with Assange's plan is that Murdoch is shameless and thus is rather hard to embarrass. Hopefully the cables contain something truly juicy and damning!

    • A bigger problem is that it seems unlikely that Murdoch would be one of those plotting to cause him harm – or that e holds sway over anyone who might be part of such a plot. Seems like more shameless attention-seeking to me…

  11. Its incredible how prevalent mental incompetence actually is these days. Maybe its genetic. Julian Assange has literally done nothing more than pull back the heavy government curtain and showed us the proverbial sewer pipe that has sadly__always__ been there, slurping and sludging along. That the bulk of the stench emanates from the U.S. is no surprise. To date, not one human has died because of Wikileaks. To date, scores of thousands of civilian and military lives have been taken because of American "national Interest". Assange is a hero, the Luke Skywalker we all wish we could be.

    • Yes Graydon78, Julian Assange is the first hero of the 21st century. With WikiLeaks he's changed the media and information paradigm – meaning more information for the ordinary person. Our democracies depend on whistleblowers like this. Hopefully the change is here to stay.

      • Or more draconian measures on information within governments. People who leak may not always be whistle blowers either, just jilted employees or co-workers.

  12. Yes, this is good information. They have insurance for the cables. Okay, now what next?

  13. Assange is doing what "journalists", especially in the US should be doing. By the way, why isn't anyone calling for the execution of Woodward for publishing supposed "secret" information. Hypocrites all.

    • Woodward had journalistic integrity. There was criminal wrongdoing and he exposed it. Most of Assange's "expose" is banal drivel or slightly embarrassing information; the illegalities he has exposed have been few. If he took the time to winnow through the material and present evidence in a thoughtful fashion, he would indeed rank among the pantheon of esteemed journalists. His approach puts him somewhere around the level of the supermarket tabloids.

      • For a while, I thought I was the only one who did not see anything in Wikileaks worthy of a story. I do not see what all the rhubarb is about, the stuff I saw was common knowledge on most cases. My views is that Mr Assange has abused extensively the privileges associated with ''the 15 minutes''.

  14. Assange said… If anything happens to him or his supporters, his ''insurance'' cables will be realesed. I wonder if that also applies to when he is extradited to Sweden on those sex charges ?…just wondering ……

      • Blackbird…Obviously you did not read far enough….There will be a extradition ''hearing February 7th & 8th 2011 '' at which time Mr.Assange will raise ''Inter Alia '' with issues in opposition to his Extradition to Sweden (page 3 ) Skip to Page 35 Item # 100…For the foregoing reasons Mr. Assange will request the court to order his discharge : Dated January 2011. Bottom line is that no decision ''has or will ''be made until after February 8th 2011……

  15. Wikileaks was originally created to disseminate information about crimes of totalitarian regimes (Iran, Libya, North Korea, etc….).
    Unfortunately it was taken over by bunch of dangerous lunatics (Assange) that ventilate their ideological hate.
    Assage (and his comrades) should be jailed for tens of years.
    Muslim terrorists have lots of fun reading wikileaks these days…

  16. We need more whistle blowers like Assange. The continuous lies and misinformation governments feed us warrants it . Harper even smiles when he is feeding us a pile of do do.

    • And his sheep lap it up. Witness the Canadian news blogs, a daily reminder of the failure of Canada's educational system to engage the student in original, creation, critical thought.

  17. Just finished watching the interview on 60 Minutes. Assange handled himself quite well despite the fact that his interviewer only talked about
    "certain individuals" that hated, mistrusted or wanted his head. No mention at all of the millions throughout the world that support him and his publications. Millions throughout the world that look forward to reading the information provided by Wikileaks.
    The interviewer tried to pry which bank is next to be exposed and even blamed him (in his own journalistic way) for the 5% drop in share value for Bank of America.
    The people of the US should be demanding the release of information regarding their banking institutions. The people of Canada certainly would.