WikiLeaks founder calls for former Harper adviser’s arrest

Tom Flanagan called for Julian Assange’s assassination during TV interview


WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange lashed out at Stephen Harper’s former adviser Tom Flanagan on Friday after Flanagan suggested Assange should be assassinated. During an online Q&A with readers of The Guardian, Assange riposted that Flanagan should be charged with “incitement to commit murder.” Flanagan has since said the remark was “glib” and that he “never seriously intended to advocate or propose the assassination of Mr. Assange.” While conceding it is very unlikely the political science professor would be charged under Canada’s criminal code, NDP MP Joe Comartin suggested the government should repudiate Flanagan’s comments. The Conservatives have instead sought to distance themselves from Flanagan, insisting he no longer serves the prime minister. Meanwhile, Flanagan’s current employer, the University of Calgary, has said it is “not considering any disciplinary action.”

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WikiLeaks founder calls for former Harper adviser’s arrest

  1. It seems like Julian Assange don't like freedom of speech.

    • Incitement to kill, is a serious crime. Furthermore, Tom Flanagan, after being fired from the Reform Party in 1993, had no problem accepting confidential and secret files from Preston Manning's Reform HQ back (in 1993) which he used said files to write his hatchet job of a book on the Preston Manning. Who provided the files? Basically stealing said classified files on the internal workings of the Reform Party and did so from under the nose of boss Preston Manning?
      Stephen Harper is who.
      Yes, Stephen Harper betrayed his boss who hired him, removed confidential files from party headquarters and handed them over to Flanagan. Flanagan even admitted as much, that so much information was provided by Harper, that he consider the treasonous con, the ghost writer on his book.

      Yet nobody ever suggested that either should be killed. Yet, both should of shared a jail cell for awhile.

    • Actually in Canada I believe it is called Freedom of Expression and there are limits…..Do you think that I would be charged if I called for Harper's untimely demise…or at least "disciplined"?

  2. Quite honestly, many of the Department of State cables that have been released to date are lacking in what could be termed "classified intelligence". A cable release yesterday about Italian PM Berlusconi was classified as NOFORN (not to be seen by non-American eyes), yet, much of the information on the cable was found in mainstream media reports dated prior to the date on the cable. Here are some examples:

    If this information could be found using Google, perhaps Mr. Flanagan would like to go after Larry Page and Sergey Brin, founders of Google.

    • It's like my work. Absolutely every internal document is emblazoned with the word 'Confidential', regardless of it it's a copy of an external press release, etc. It's sloppy and ridiculous.

  3. Mr. Flannigan's actions are no "glib" joke. His comments are the equivalent to saying you have a bomb when boarding a plane. Saying it was all a joke after the fact is no defense. He has, thanks to his credentials and reputation, used a public broadcast to (in a clear and unambiguous way) call for the murder of someone. How is this not a criminal activity?

    Why is there not any police action on this?

    • The fact that people like you think that it is ok for Julienne to release a list of places that are of importance to US security, including many Canadian sites is acceptable. That freedom of speech and information makes this a worthy thing to put out there…….I just can't get my head around.. Then in the flip side, a guy tongue in cheek says, yes stupidly, the US should assassinate Julianne. First of all, he was on national TV – do you really think he would announce that in front of a country if he meant it? Seriously? Then you all start frothing at the mouth calling for his arrest, the token lawyer gets her greedy paws on this, salivating at all the press and attention she will get. And I would put a wager down that our lovely Liberals have something to do with these charges and I bet if anyone cared to dig, she would have affiliation to the party, it's pathetic and transparent. As for Julianne thinking he is the victim, I don't think so, unfortunately we all will have to wait to see how the damage he has done plays out, he will not be the victim of the outcome.

      • The jig is up. The rate at which powerbases in the West act dupliciously and cover it up has exceeded their capacity to contain the deception. Time to say sorry and make amends.

        I'd bet the lawyers really stuck it in you when you got divorced.

  4. “Glib”, my foot.

    If you or I did what the Harper politico did — if the situation were reversed, we’d be cooling our heels in the pokey within hours for “terroristic” incitement – or whatever else government could plausibly exaggerate it into.

    But when members of the favoured, protected political class call for murdering us – the unwashed rabble – not a member of a favoured government political class, it is all some kind of a joke, of course.

    Blatant double standards. Some animals are “more equal” than others.

    • But the next day on Power and Politics, he asked if he was on a 15 second time delay, since he might accidentally "speak the truth." So how is one statement both a joke and the truth? I mean, if you are crazy enough to do whatever Tom Flanagan asks you to do, his follow-up comment would solidify your instructions.

      • Agree.. I wonder how many other people have said the same thing, besides if Mr. Assange wants to be the poster boy for free speech then he should practice what he preaches don't you think ?

  5. Mr. Flanagan's comments were ill-timed to be said on national television, but I think most people who have seen the clip would know he wasn't being serious. Yes, what he said was in poor taste, but charges? I think that would be an overreaction.

    It's the people who talk seriously about the need to assassinate Mr. Assange that are the concern, not Tom Flanagan's 'glib' agreement with them.

    Hyperbole can be a tool for comedy when deployed properly… sometimes it backfires. Blows up….

    • Cut the b-llsh-t. He was serious. He had a chance to take it back. He didn't. Kory Tenecyke was another piece of garbage that would get on tv and smear, lie and call a Canadian child soldier a "little terrorist". And he got away with it…

      When are you people going to learn. This is what the psyche of the Harper Reform PArty is…

      Never say you were not given signs or red flags…

      • He apologized.

        I still can't believe the words that he so cavalierly tossed out. The world is not some wild west or Tom Clancy novel.
        We have rule of law now. On top of that, U.K. papers are saying he's a governmental official, and he no longer is.

        What was he thinking? Cooler heads prevailing does not encompass Mr. Flanagan's outburst in this instance.

    • Flanagan is just another tactless redneck, a 'shoot'em first, ask questions later' ultra right prototype who undoubtedly meant what he said. Neofascism is on the rise ladies and gentlemen, and Big Corpo will continue to show its teeth and intimidate the masses.

      • You know Filturk, you're absolutely right. I couldn't have said it better myself.

        • Hear, hear !!!

    • You have a very sick working definition of comedy. Very sick, indeed.

      • Also has the same writing , and commenting style as a commenter called '' liminator, '' starts out the same way and then ends up getting rude and starts raging…then the moderator delete's the comments, ( which is rare)…maybe there related………..

        • Lighten up. Nothing I said was rude or raging.

      • I'm sure my definition of comedy is fine; I don't find Flanagan particularly funny. Thank you for projecting though… my comment is about over-reaction to a stupid comment and you call my sense of humour, which is unexpressed, sick.

        : )

        • Ottawa_Centrist: My reply was to'' Filturk''…not you by any means, I quite like your sense of humour, especially the Blow up part…I was comparing Filturk to someone called ''liminator'' who appears on here from time to time and often gets deleted because of his,shall I say ''Quality'' of opinions. I whole heartedly agree with your original post….I hope this clears up any misunderstanding.. ….truenorth.

          • My apologies then. Stay mellow my friend

          • Thankyou Ottawa_Centrist , but no need to apologise, I am just glad to have cleared up any misunderstanding……Salud my friend !

    • Cumon, lighten up, for heaven's sake.

      • Whats the matter ex-canuck ? Can't stand civility?……………

  6. Flanagan suffers from neocon foot in mouth syndrome.

    • More like jackboot in mouth.

      • "Picture a boot being put in a human mouth . . . forever."

  7. Only in this 'completely lost touch with reality world' we live in today could a suspected rapist dictate the rules. How many lives and countries in this clown going to endanger before he is stopped.

    • 'Suspected rapist', haha… you believe that?
      Swallow everything the media throws at you eh…

    • Assange is innocent until proven guilty. CIA plants made false accusations, since disproved. He is guilty of nothing other than unprotected consentual sex with two women. Since when is that illegal?

  8. I support Mr. Flanagan's views and in fact my first thought when the story broke was he should be assassinated. I was happy that someone actually said it out loud.
    Mr. Assange's aim is to incite fear and paranoia and his goal is to destroy the corporation and see countries like the US collapse, which in turn would affect our country.
    Corporations are integral to the economy supplying jobs and contributing to a healthy economy. Mr. Assange is a nasty man not dissimilar to the great evil villians in a James Bond movie.

    • He would be assassinated if he ever were to pull a similar stunt with Russian, or other such country's, secret documents and he knows it. He is a dangerous coward and a**hole with no regard for for what kind of problems he is creating. I cannot beieve there are actually people who support his actions.

    • I'm afraid you've been brainwashed Holly. You've got it all wrong… corporations continue to get richer on the backs of the common working class. It is a fact, as was recently revealed by the media. If nobody counters Big Corpo's vociferous, greedy appetite for ultimate power, they will continue to exploit and control the masses, like a modern day version of feudalism, wherein the lords are the corporate elite, and the serfs represent the rest of humanity. Wake up!

    • I find your positions to be vile and reprehensible. Your "solution" has been applied with very poor results in Argentina, Chile, El Salvador, Honduras, and so on. You are asking for death squads.

      Assange didn't do any of the things that are being reported in the leaks. He just provided a vehicle for the proof that these things are going on to get widely published. And for this he should die?

      You are a fool and a coward. Dispicable.

      • Aside from the vileness of arguing that Assange should be assassinated, it would also be a really stupid thing to do. The man has become an outlaw hero and if some corporatist government were to murder him, he would become a martyr. Further, it would not stop what Wikileaks has started.

        Democratic governments must be more open and accountable; that's the only way to become immune to something like Wikileaks.

    • I also think wikileaks is a problem, but assassination is not the right way to fix it (and unlike the other posters here, I do think there are instances where targeted assassination is a legitimate tool of statecraft). Absent Assange, there will still be leakers and those willing to take his place in the limelight.

      The key to stopping Wikileaks is to destroy its credibility. News agencies presently assume that what he is leaking is accurate. They have good reason to believe this, in part because Brad Manning did send Assange real documents. It would not be that hard to overload Wikileaks with false leaks from government agents, however. Assange has no ability to tell whether something is true or not, and his releases (based on false information) could be disproven later by the government.

      • I, for one, do not want (eventhough I apparently do) live in a soceity that endorses "targeted" (as if there could be an untargeted) assinations as a legitimate tool of statecraft. Nor do I find it a reasonable goal to assist in the (already over-subscribed) effort to increase the amount of secrecy by which those that have obtained the levers of state are permitted to act. That Wikileaks has used less than clean sources is surely the lesser of two evils in a time when those that are entrusted to uphold the law seem only to exercise their office with any vigor in those instances where people are acting in a fashion contrary to the (private) interests of the office holder.

        It is a given that many are tempted by the glamour of dissimulation in their affairs (personal and of state). The antidote to this is not to then also take up the practice of dissimulation and hypocracy. No, open and transparent dealings founded on a sound morality are the only means to ending corruption (which flourishes under the cloak of secrecy).

  9. This a-hole Assange doesn't mind if he puts other peoples lives in danger, but when it comes to his own life being threatened, well that's a different story. What a hypocritical turd. What does he expect? That everyone will love him!? Douche!

    • The only lives put in danger in the 4 years since Wikileaks has been in business have been all the innocent civilians murdered by US soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. The US government is responsible for putting millions of lives in danger with it's imperial wars of aggression. Assange is saving lives by putting out the truth and helping to put the brakes on the global elites giant campaign of lies, disinformation and illegal military conquests in the Middle East.

  10. There is nothing new in learning anything which confirms that Tom Flanagan is a nasty piece of work.

    The man is pure, unadulterated American Right-Wing, a thrust-the-imperial-flag-into-the-chests-of-those-working-against-America's-sacred-interests man, without a trace of decent traditional conservative.

    He literally represents in Canada everything you find in that ugly mob which includes Dick “kill the turbanhead scum” Cheney, Tom "the money launderer" DeLay, Sarah “the idiot witth super-sized glands” Palin, Newt “I divorced my wife dying of cancer” Gingrich, and all the other charming Washington folks who work tirelessly for war and imperial interests. The influence and the money for promoting Right-Wing values come up alongside the same pipelines which carry Alberta's crude and natural gas South.

    I have never understood why the Globe gives him column-inches periodically, other than the well-know fact that he has been adviser to Harper, truly the most divisive politician in living memory and a man who already has succeeded in corroding away like spilled battery acid a great deal of Canada's past wonderful international reputation.

    Flanagan's columns have never demonstrated anything beyond the academic quality or interest of just another second-rate social scientist. He is in academic terms a truly undistinguished thinker.

    But there is nothing second rate or undistinguished about his visceral instincts for plotting against and trying to destroy traditional Canadian values. The man is an instinctive predator, a perfect hunting-mate for Harper.

    I note the comment that Flanagan's comment about killing Assange was made in the form of a joke, but then only rather sick people make such jokes or laugh at them.

    Shouldn't people who say such things be treated as terrorists, or at least as people having made a criminal threat?

    • Aw, come off it.

  11. We The People …… as it states…. are not the ones that need protecting… u can see the cockroaches run for cover when the lights go on..

    wikileaks should become the 4th amendment

  12. What kind of clientelle does MacLeans attract with the obvious bias towards this traitor. Just another leg wing rag. I hope thye are proud of themselves.

    • You are illiterate.

    • Watchout for that word, "concerned", as it is a sure fire tip off to a left winger on a rant.

      • Might even write with the CAPS LOCK ON……

  13. Read Julian Assange's essays like : Conspiracy as Governance