WikiLeaks founder loses appeal against extradition

British court rules Julian Assange should face rape allegations in Sweden


WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has lost his appeal in a British court against extradition to Sweden, where he faces rape accusations. Lord Justice Thomas and Justice Ouseley on Wednesday said the 40-year-old Australian should face Swedish prosecutors about the alleged rape of one woman and sexual assault of another following his visit to Stockholm in August 2010. Assange insists the case is politically motivated. Should he successfully bring forward another appeal, he will be heard in front of the British supreme court. If he is denied the appeal, he will have to leave for Sweden within 10 days.

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WikiLeaks founder loses appeal against extradition

  1. I believe in patriotism and understand very well that the
    release of information on wiki leaks might endanger lives abroad.  I put a lot of thought into what I hear from
    the media and here is what I came up with. 
    Another case that was in the news in October reveals important facts
    unrelated but none the less relevant facts to the Assange case.

    In October, an employee at a Cupertino Ca. cement plant
    killed 3 coworkers and injured six more. 
    The story in the paper reads that shooter was a disgruntled worker.  If you research this guys background a little
    closer you would realize that the attack has an entirely different underlying
    political motive.  He adamantly opposed to
    U.S. foreign policy in Africa and the Middle East and sought to vindicate his
    position on a corporation that he believed at some level supports U.S. foreign
    policy.  I think we are kidding ourselves
    if we believe that all of those people lost their lives simply because he was mad
    over his job.  He wanted to send a
    message to top management and the industry as whole.  The people he killed are innocent victims in
    a bigger political war.  Sure some of the
    shooting victims admit that they had differences over his performance at the
    plant but is that really the reason why he did what he did? Which leads to my
    next question.

    So why if our government cares so much about protecting the
    lives of people don’t they seize this opportunity to warn the general public
    that there are potential terrorists working with us every day right here in the
    U.S.  The answer is simple.  The truth undermines their ability lead this
    country.  The truth makes it difficult
    for the company manage their operations and maintain a non-discrimination
    policy towards its workers.  Our leaders
    want the general public to read stories that unite them as a people and builds
    our morale so that we can work productively together.  I believe in that too, but the truth is an
    entirely different matter.  The truth
    makes us suspicious of one another, further divides our country along ethnic
    lines, makes it more difficult for us to work together, and makes us less
    productive.  The truth makes us more
    suspicious of the authorities and our government.  After all, the shooter worked for a local
    television station and had interviewed Jesse Jackson for the station just last
    year.  He had a relationship with media
    network that spans from San Francisco to Los Angeles California that includes
    some very influential politicians and religious leaders.  There is now doubt that the shooter was
    empowered to do things that average people could not by his association with
    this group.  The fact is if it weren’t
    for his ties to the media he may very well not been able to carry out his
    plan.  He also worked as gang counselor
    which gave him access to information about the illicit activities within the
    city of Cupertino.  The report reads that
    he actually shared his plot with a group of friends and showed them a AK 47
    that he intended to use to carry out his plan. 
    So you’re wondering why at this point didn’t someone say something to
    the authorities.  That’s where his media
    connections and role in the community as a gang counselor come in to play.  Combined his involvement in those two things
    elevated him to a position of authority in a sense.  A leader in his own right.  Who is to question someone with what they perceive
    to be such a close relation to a respected leader such as Jesse Jackson?  Who is to suspect the motives of a man who
    counsels gang members?  So why am I
    pointing this out.  The shooter at Cupertino
    is not the only one in the U.S. or more specifically the industry that I work
    in that is using this kind tactic to further their career and political agenda.  There are certainly more where he came
    from.  The irony of it is that they will come
    hanging on the shirt tails of leaders like Jesse Jackson and celebrities that
    garner respect worldwide.  They will use
    these connections as cover so that they can make their way into our schools,
    workplaces, the media and then into our homes. 
    But what are they hiding?  That they
    are vehemently opposed to U.s. foreign policy in the middle east and Africa and
    see our current effort there as continuation of European imperialism.  Which maybe it is.  But killing innocent people to punish our
    society as whole is a truly an evil thing to do.  I’m terribly sad to think from the reports I
    see in the paper that the people in the plant believe that it was something
    they did that lead to what has happened. 
    It is ridiculous to think that there was something that they could have
    done that would have changed the shooters mind. 
    His problems are a lot bigger than his problems at work.      

    A lot of people think he did this just out of spite to
    undermine the media, the government, and the authorities and that we shouldn’t
    give it much credence.  But isn’t that
    the same motive that every terrorist has whether they domestic or from abroad.  If shooter’s motive is the same motive as let’s
    say Osama Bin Laden, then shouldn’t the case be seen in the same light as other
    terrorist attacks.  Shouldn’t his
    associates be brought in for questioning. 
    While we have taken measures to effectively deal with the problem abroad
    the power of the authorities are limited by constitution and stand in the way
    of finding the true extent of the network he belonged to. 

    The point is that just because the government doesn’t want
    you to believe something doesn’t mean that you should rule out the
    possibility.  Believe me in cases like
    the Cupertino plant shooting suspicion and paranoia of each other and the
    government is the only way to protect yourself. 
    I firmly believe that the network he belonged to poses a serious future risk
    to many people in the united states not necessarily right now at this very
    moment but and sometime in the future. 
    While working the industry, I’ve watch many operate using the same
    tactics as the shooter quite successfully to maintain their job, concealing
    their true feelings every step of the way. 
    We are powerless to act because of our government and our constitution.  Managers and co-workers can’t make a character
    judgment about an employee because that might upset a more powerful member of
    the media or a political network he has a connections with.  We are forced by higher level managers to
    overlook signs of moral corruption that would at one time been grounds for

    But what does this have to do with Julian Assange or Bradley E. Manning?  

    Sure Bradley
    technically committed treason by stealing and releasing classified information.  Something I personally would never have done
    and do not condone by others. Nevertheless, I believe what drove Bradley to do
    what he did was just what I’m describing above. 
    Bradley can’t reconcile in his mind what the U.S. government wants the
    general public to believe and what he personally believes  to be true. 
    Releasing the information from the CIA probably has cost some lives but
    look at the lives we are losing right here in our own country.  Just because the victims aren’t American soldiers
    and the terrorists aren’t from a foreign country doesn’t mean that events like
    this aren’t acts of terrorism.  Bradley’s
    mind no doubt became twisted by the disparity between reality as he saw it what
    I’m describing above and the reality that we are lead to believe by the media.  The Cupertino shooters motive and Al-Qaeda
    are in my mind one in the same.

    If you’re too positive to believe my personal theory of what
    happened in Cupertino then good for you.  I’m not trying to convince you.  I’m just presenting alternative view of an
    event from what the media and authorities would have us believe.   If you
    are not convinced then I’m overjoyed that you can go about your live here in
    the U.S. without believing that the most likely source of a terror campaign
    would be from right here from within our own country.  But I can’t. 
    I know people who work in that plant. 
    They’ve no doubt worked everyday never giving the possibility much
    thought because they want to see the good in their coworkers and want to work
    together as best they possibly can.  I
    believe in that.  But I feel terrible
    that some of them have paid such a high price for trying to live up to the
    standards that our society has set for them. 
    All I hear from the media is how nice a guy the shooter was.  It is unfortunate that they, the local media,
    and the authorities tried so hard to see the good in this man that they
    couldn’t see the hostility brimming just beneath the service.  He was a time bomb.  Just because a man doesn’t tell you he would
    like to kill you doesn’t mean that he doesn’t want to.  Instead of teaching people how to play dumb
    people need to be taught how to use their senses to detect that kind
    hostility.  But then of course if they
    did they would be discriminating against people.  So what is the end result.  Generation after generation our society
    fosters people who are less and less perceptive and in that sense less
    intelligent for the sake of tolerance for everyone.  After ten generations the people of the U.S.
    will be purebred for a lack of perception which in the distant past in a
    natural environment meant the difference between life and death .  They’ll be compliant and completely tolerant
    of everybody regardless of their underlying feelings and at the same time completely
    defenseless against the kind of threat that people like the Cupertino shooter
    posed.  We are already a long way down
    that road.  Sure that means that we are
    becoming more and more civilized but at the same time we are becoming more and
    more vulnerable to that kind of threat. 
    We are simply unwilling to admit it to ourselves. 

    So in reality defiant people like Julian Assange are just as
    important to the future of our society as the compliant.  I love the team players who put their self
    interest aside to work together,  but
    never be fooled into thinking that in the big picture defiance and self
    reliance aren’t just as important to the genome.  All you need to do is see a tragedy like the Cupertino
    shooting to realize that we sometimes have to be defiant to survive.  That unfortunately is a trait that our
    government often sees as a threat. 

    Sure he may be extradited and prosecuted and that may be the
    right thing.  But rest assured if you
    just keep believing whatever the media, government and the authorities  want you believe you are going to be in for a surprise
    in the end like the surprise the people got at the Cupertino Plant.

    Because of a problem like this in my workplace I am no
    longer  productive.  It has cost me almost everything.  I think on some level I suffer from a form of
    PTS, but I’m not doctor so I can’t diagnose myself.  You be the judge.

    Sincerely the victims have my deepest condolences.  I only say this in hopes that we put things
    into perspective.  It is not necessarily
    what we would like or want to believe sometimes it is much worse than we can
    believe.  If anyone was hurt by the wiki
    leaks release of information then I’m very sorry.  We are all going to realize someday that we
    are going to have to know a little more than the media and government would
    have us believe if we are going to survive. 

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