Wikileaks will continue "unabated" -

Wikileaks will continue “unabated”

Assange vows more leaks while fighting extradition


The enigmatic founder of Wikileaks has announced that his organization’s release of U.S. diplomatic cables is far from over. Julian Assange spoke to reporters on Tuesday outside of a London courtroom following a procedural hearing on his possible extradition to Sweden, where he is wanted on sexual assault charges. Assange said that Wikileaks would be ramping up its publication of the cables, which would “shortly be occurring through our newspaper partners around the world—big and small newspapers and some human rights organizations.” Meanwhile, Assange and his staff at Wikileaks are reportedly concerned about being targeted as terrorists by the U.S., following comments by Sarah Palin comparing Assange to the Taliban, as well as the filing of subpoenas by a U.S. attorney’s office requesting Twitter account details for Assange and his suspected source for the cables, Pfc. Bradley Manning.

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Wikileaks will continue “unabated”

    • Why should you be outraged ?? Assange wanted to be the poster boy for Free speech, so this is the price you pay for fame and fortune…

      • Because our laws restrict speech that is an incitement to violence, for good reason! (i am no lawyer, however, so I await the outcome of the RCMP investigation)

        • Let me guess…you're a Liberal supporter.

          • Not informed on politics, so no particular affiliation though I usually vote green (No applause thanks). But I am small-case liberal when it comes to free speech, but still believe there are limits to what we can say, especially as public figures on public media!

          • …and I doubt you'll need to wait for the outcome of an RCMP investigation to figure out that his comment was an "off the cuff" remark meant as a joke. Bad taste?…sure…but half of Canada would be in jail if we were all brought up on charges for similar remarks at one time or another.

          • Bad taste for sure, but as far as 99.9% of Canadians are concerned, we are not ex-advisors to the PM nor on CBC television so what we say is not encumbered by the same obligation to act as a civilized human being, no? Flanagan's "off the cuff" is more appropriate for a prominent figure in a fundamentalist Middle East country.

          • let me guess …. you're a law and order conservative until it involves someone who disagrees with you?

        • I wouldnt hold my breath on waiting for the outcome of the R.C.M.P. investigation being what you want it to be….Everybody forgot about until you brought it back up…Shhhh !!

          • For liberals free speech is a human right as long as they agree with what is being spoken. When liberals disagree with you they will smear you like no tomorrow, and try to muzzle you.

  1. I got quite the laugh today out of reports that Assange's lawyers were fighting extradition on the basis of fears that Assange would be sent of to Gitmo….

    Where do they come up with this stuff….?

    On second thought…seeing as Assange is the super-hero of the conspiracy theorists…maybe it all makes sense.

    • Uh, because the VP of the USA called him a terrorist?

    • The Gitmo thing could be as a result of many in the US wanting him declared an unlawful/enemy combatant. This way he can be "tried" outwith the normal US justice system. Most of those who have followed that route have ended up in Gitmo.
      Not a real stretch and no real regard to conspiracy theories required, just an acknowledgment that recently justice for foreigners in the US has not been well, justice as practiced normally.

  2. Where do they come up with this stuff….. ? Obviously Assange's lawyers are grasping at straws ,Assange knows only too well that there is ( not allowed to say a target on his back .) alot of peeved of people that want a piece of him….It's only a matter of time…….

    • I think you could say there is a target on his back, there probably is, metaphorically at least. Holder definitely has him in his sights and if he ever gets to walk into a courtroom who knows who will do what in the name of patriotism?

      • Assange is in over his head. He has ruined his life publishing stuff everyone already knew about. The irony is, he didn't know that. Loser.

        • Thinking you know and actually seeing that what you thought you knew was right are two different things.
          The memos have firmed up a few suspicions.

      • Agree…. I think the ones Assange should be concerned with are the Quiet ones…like a rattle snake with no rattle..still dangerous but you never know when it's going to strike…and it will….

  3. Next up is the Bank of America document dump….THEN you'll hear screaming!

    • No you won't. Any more than you heard screaming as a result of the trivial and useless drivel this loser posted already.

      • Where have you been? Under a rock?

        There has been lots of screaming…arrests too.

        Keep up eh?

  4. We should justsic Mossad on him and that will be that. ha ha

  5. We should take the words of Tom Flanagan seriously. He requested on national television that someone somewhere kill Julian Assange, who by the way has been proven guilty of……nothing. Need we mince our words? I don't care if Flanagan used to work in Harper's office. I don't care if he is a respected professor at Calgary U. I don't care if he is a loud-mouth right-wing American ex-pat who calls himself a Canadian. I care that he broke the law and is guilty of a criminal offense. And I care that the powers that be in Canada — MY Canada — are giving him an escape route. It's pathetic, it's illegal and it's an outrage. Duart Maclean, Montreal, Canada

    • I suppose you could call it an outrage, but illegal,? probably not. Free speech baby, that;s what Assange is all about isn't it ?