WikiLeaks shows U.S. was worried about anti-American CBC -

WikiLeaks shows U.S. was worried about anti-American CBC

Americans concerned about Canada’s “inferiority complex”


WikiLeaks-obtained documents written by U.S. Embassy officials in Ottawa include warnings to Washington about the “insidious negative popular stereotyping” of Americans perpetuated by the CBC, reports the National Post. Publicly-funded shows like The Border and Little Mosque on the Prairie have been the subject of more than one diplomatic cable by American officials. The cable involving Little Mosque from 2008 stated: “We need to do everything we can to make it more difficult for Canadians to fall into the trap of seeing all U.S. policies as the result of nefarious faceless U.S. bureaucrats anxious to squeeze their northern neighbour.” A third document to President Obama suggested Canada has an inherent inferiority complex. “Your decision to make Ottawa your first foreign destination as President will do much to diminish—temporarily at least—Canada’s habitual inferiority complex vis-a-vis the U.S.,” the embassy officials wrote. The documents were among five that Washington alerted Ottawa about before they were published by WikiLeaks this week.

National Post

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WikiLeaks shows U.S. was worried about anti-American CBC

  1. Inferiority complex? This really irks my superiority complex

  2. “insidious negative popular stereotyping”

    Oh the burdens, the worries and cares you must bear, when you are the world's only super-power.

  3. Canadians of all origins, collectively, have a unique and pervasive culture, however part of our very culture is that it is most subtle and thus takes a high degree of sensitivity to perceive it.

  4. Oops! In other words we don't have an inferiority complex; it is our culture.
    The current members of gov't can not be considered as representative of Canadian culture. Their personality traits seem more personal than national.

  5. Here I thought that the job of spying on Canada lay with the Central Intelligence Agency.

    Here's what the Department of State is really supposed to be doing:

    Apparently, being critical of Canadian television programming must fall in line with their value of "maintenance of high ethical standards and integrity.". God only knows how the CBC could corrupt America and Americans!

    • calm down there. everything they said is pretty much true and of no shock to anyone.

  6. Canadian arrogance is the result of continually wallowing in an inferiority complex. Many Canadians have no sense of pride in Canada except in opposition to the United States, they quickly and proudly say things like "we're not American!", implying some kind of moral superiority – the height of arrogance.

    The CBC and other left wing liberals are always pushing that simple formula because it's easier to appeal to the lowest common denominator than acknowledge the real reasons of why we should be proud of our country, and that's because none of the reasons for being proud of Canada have anything to do with liberals.

    • I was thinking something similar in regards to the first paragraph. A lot of Canadians define "Canadian" as "not American", which betrays a lack of self-confidence. If we need to be defined soely in comparison to someone else, we've got problems.

      Unfortunately then you went off into a tirade about liberals.

      • Liberals always campaign against the US, that's one reason why the party itself is in trouble right now, their leader is American, but it's historical fact and it needs to be said that such a powerful movement in Canada has always promoted this way of thinking. Hopefully they'll grow up and stop.

        • RIght those liberals PMs that always increased commerce with the US…oh yeah they hate americans….

          • Myron Baloney got us the Free Trade Agreement if that's what you're talking about, and he was supposedly a conservative.

  7. I'm guessing it never dawned on the Americans that anti-Americanism in Canada is fueled by stuff like the US government ripping up trade agreements any time they become inconvenient (see: softwood lumber)?

    • Or starting illegal wars?

    • Actually it was STephen Harper that jumped ship just when Canada was about to win the softwood lumber debate in the american courts. And, no, the americans did not rip up the agreement. The current 5 year deal was established after the previous one expired.

      You should note, that it was STephen Harper that agreed to this current deal that allows the americans to decide when Canada has violated the terms of the agreement, and it was PMSH that suggested that America's ally in the war on terror (Britain) should be the arbiter of any disputes. Britain has never, in 100 year, ever sided with Canada against the U. S.

  8. How incredibly lame. Heck, most Canadians don't even watch "Little Mosque on the Prairie". LOL

    You know you're dredging the barrel when you think a sitcom represents the views of Canadians.

    Good grief, should I be watching "Dancing with the Stars" or "American Idol" and think all Americans are mindless twits?

    Of course not.

    In any case, perhaps at some point the Americans may begin to consider that their reputation is as much their own making as anything else.

    People react to what they see in terms of how they feel it relates to them.

    How could Canadians NOT be somewhat reactionary to the some of the insanity and inanity that goes on down there given they out number our resource rich and sparsely populated country ten to one while having the world's most powerful army?

    • The ratings for these shows don't come close to the ratings for shows purchased from the US and aired by the various private broadcasters. This is a classic case of much ado about nothing — or at least very little. Poor CBC; always having to fend off enemies both domestic and foreign.

  9. "always carry a chip on their shoulder” in part because of a feeling that their country “is condemned to always play ‘Robin' to the U.S. ‘Batman.' " that's the second Batman and Robin reference lol (first one was talking about Putin and Medyedev – come on!

    • We're not Robin; we're barely Commissioner Gordon. As long as we're defining a country's value by it's defense budget and global aggression, we won't rate very highly. And for that, I am thankful.

  10. Personally, I like it when other countries remember we exist, whether for good or for ill.

    • yes i say take what we can get. Canadians are so full of themselves that we frequently forget that the rest of the world has no idea we exist.

  11. Americans are very good at having a laugh at themselves so why shouldnt we and the CBC join in?

    • sadly we Canadians do not seem to have that same skill.

    • Because laughing at one's own self is not at all the same thing as laughing at someone else (which is also not the same thing as laughing WITH someone else).

  12. lmao…… thanks I really did need a good laugh this morning. As a proud canadian I really don't care what the US thinks of Canadians of Canada.

  13. A country that invites Rumsfeld and Palin to be commentators on its news channels is in absolutely no position to be concerned about unwarranted effects of broadcasting on political culture.

    • The U.S government funds FOX News?

      This IS news. Call the CBC.

  14. The leaks show the American diplomats are a good deal more perceptive than one had been lead to believe. They had it right on.

    • these leaks show that when u look past a lot of the PR BS american diplomats are much sharper then they seem.

  15. I always though that being anti-American and supporting the NDP were conditions of employment with the CBC.

  16. “Canada has an inherent inferiority complex”. said an American Diplomat.

    I guard myself when I travel to the USA , I don't want to be seen as a Canadian that wants every American to know how proud I am to be Canadian and not American. When I meet up with expats from any other country in the USA we are all careful not to let Americans really know what we think of them, most are nice people but ….they would not like to hear the truth about how they are viewed especially when we are in their country.
    We are not inferior we are just being polite to them. Good little Americans.
    Do the Americans have a Superiority complex I guess so..

  17. "nefarious faceless U.S. bureaucrats anxious to squeeze their northern neighbour.”

    They're already touching their own junk…now they want to squeeze ours?

    • Don't taze my junk, bro!

  18. I wonder whether they've seen the American stereotypes on British TV shows?

    • haha British people must all think Americans all look like Arnold Schwarzenegger judging by their TV.

  19. Am I the only one who finds it insulting those not on the left are forced to fund through taxes a bunch of bureaucrats posing as legitimate journalists on CBC. We can sit and call each other names all day long but the reality is it is ultimately going to come to a head. The new Sun station is sorely needed, not to convert those on the left but to (finally) give the right a voice. This is definitely a more socialist ocuntry so the viewshi; won't equal Fox News but it will be interesting to see how many watch. I personally haven't watched any Canadian news for so long now I can't remember. Between the affirmative action women and the screwed up priorities of what is deemed 'news' up here it is not worth watching. The lead story on a Vancouver station one evening was a bus driver on his cell. You'd have thought he was Public Enemy #1. John Dillenger got elss news. It occurred y life is too valuable to me to waste it on bimbos like that,.

  20. Now where are those shallow people who complained on Canada having no prominent portion in US Presidents' auto biographies and otherwise? They can't complain now, can they? Or has it became our Canadian psyche to complain no matter what?

  21. I remember Nixon calling Trudeau a S.O.B. to which PET responded he'd been called worse by better people. Nothing new here folks, just more, continued hype to what goes on every day in the wonderworld of "diplomacy".

    • I think Pres Nixon actually called PET an a–hole.

  22. There is no stereotyping on American TV. Repeat that as many time as necessary. That's good, little Canadian That's good.

  23. How dare Americans have opinions that are derogatory towards our beloved cult of Trudeaupia, formally Canada. I'm just glad that our glorious creator and 'law giver" Pierre (Dr, Zaeus) Turdo isn't alive to hear such negative truths. I'm morally outraged that anyone could have a negative opinion of Canada's courts, or communicate a negative view of the selling of anti-Americanism as a part of Canadian culture. Outraged i tell ya!!! Morally outraged!!!

  24. So long as it gets top ratings to attract more $pon$or$!

  25. Dear Canadians – Can you please invade Arizona and make us a Canadian colony? Invading Arizona could be an effective way for Canada to get deserved respect. Besides, secretly leaked documents show we want to be Canadians because our central government hates us and sues us all of the time.

    Let us know when you will invade, and how many, so we can arrange your golf tee times and resort accommodations. If you wish to avoid the appearance of hard feelings associated with invasions, we will pre-surrender. If you still do not wish to invade, we will attack ourselves and surrender to Canada unilaterally, provided we win the self-attack.

    By conquering Arizona, you will get a somewhat above average hockey team that used to be called the Jets. Plus, you will get the oldest professional football team in North America, besides the Argonauts. And if you visit, a former federal employee, that you select, will be assigned to rub sun tan lotion on you to assure an even tan. See alternative ways to colonize Arizona at . Thank you in advance for colonizing Arizona.

  26. CBC is definitely not anti anything, it is pro truth which some neocons try to avoid. So if some American soldiers shoot Afghans for sport reporting the truth would be anti American. Faux News North would report it as unfortunate collateral damage. Details and body counts unnecessary. Wiki leak is being attacked for simply revealing the truth. Wiki leak has demonstrated unequivocaly that we have been lied to and manipulated ad nauseam but the U.S. has no comment or position on the deception but have their shorts in a knot about being caught red handed.