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Wildrose Alliance triples its caucus membership

Two Alberta Tories set to cross floor


It’s a nice way to start off a new year’s political season: Announce your caucus of one is poised to grow to three with the crossing of two MPs, from the government side no less. That’s just what Alberta’s Wildrose Alliance is reportedly set to do this morning, and it’s sure to set off not a few fireworks.

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Wildrose Alliance triples its caucus membership

  1. There are few more noble actions a parliamentarian can take than crossing the floor to protest a jerk leading their (former) party.

    • Do you mean in general terms only, or, in your estimation, is Stelmach a jerk?

  2. They should have remained as independents. Joining this Wild Rose Alliance group, who has come out of the box hiding things and misrepresenting things makes them part of the same crowd of politicians you just can not trust. This could very well be a career ending move.

    • And where did Stephen Harper come from and just how junky was elected Senators, recall, accountability, transparency and showing up for work to list a few? and I mean a few!

      • What are you on about?

  3. Except that the Wildrose Alliance is currently polling first in the province. If the Tories don't make major changes expect them to be out of office after the next election.

  4. I am not surprised in the 2 Tory defections to Wildrose Alliance. I am a Liberal in Edmonton Center, formerly NDP from Sask. I may vote PC next provincial just to keep Stelmach in power NOT Alliance I am afraid of and their social fiscal agenda. I am more comfortable in the party I know than the party I don't know.

  5. Maybe this will force Special Ed to stop acting like a left-wing Liberal. Although I doubt it.

    • Why do you refer to Stelmach as Special Ed?

      • Not to speak for Dakota, but I suspect it is because the Premier of a solidly Conservative province has been acting these past years as if he was a raging socialist Liberal, which is a retarded thing to do if you hope to hold on to power in Alberta. Thus the moniker, Special Ed.
        Cue the hue and cry that I am politically incorrect. But the poster was asking the etymology of the wording; how do you answer without some plain talk?
        Plus, I enjoy engaging in political incorrectness. It makes the lefties' small noggins spin and smoke.

        • which is a retarded thing to do if you hope to hold on to power in Alberta…hmmm, OK, I definitely hadn't looked at the situation from that angle.

          Is it just the royalty changes that qualify as raging socialism, or are there other Stelmach policies that are similarly socialistic?

          • You appear to be a seeker of truth. I would suggest higher powers than the partisan comments section of Macleans for the answers that you seek. Try Google, my son.
            May the Force be with you.

          • Thanks for your analysis; it seems to be more accurate than I would prefer. But even amongst the partisan commenters of Macleans I have found some gems of wisdom. For example.

            And if the truth isn't motivating the partisans to add their comments, I wonder what does motivate them. The 'sport' of it, I suppose.

  6. the conservatives maybe aren't right wing enough anymore so they need a new party that is back to the core values

  7. On a lighter note, I wonder if this will cause Quebecers to reconsider their condemnation of Alberta and the oilsands. Easy to paint yourself "green" when someone else is picking up the tab and doing the heavy lifting. Perhaps fear of having the gravy train cut off might change their tune. That, and if Nlfd Hydro can ever figure out how to stop them from stealing Churchill Falls power they would be up a creek without a windmill. Greeting from "down east"