Will A. J. stay with the Jays? Better open the vault to keep him.


According to his agent, A. J. Burnett will decide on Monday as to whether or not he will opt out on the two years and US$24 million remaining on his contract. The the big question though isn’t if A. J. will opt out but if the Jays can afford him when he does. It appears on the surface that there is a chance that he might actually want to stay in Toronto. His agent has kept an open dialogue with Jays’ management in recent weeks, and his friendship with ace Roy Halladay appears strong enough that it could play to Toronto’s advantage. Of course his relationship with the fans and media has been tepid at best during his first three seasons, but any hard feelings will most certainly be trumped by dollar signs. And just how much would it take to keep the hard-throwing right-hander in a Jays uniform? Well, put it this way, Barry Zito posted a 10-17 win-loss record last season with a whopping 5.15 ERA and pocketed a cool US$14.5 million. A. J. in comparison was almost unhittable in the second half of the season and won 18 games while striking out an American League-high 231 batters. My guess is that he will be looking for a salary somewhere in the neighbourhood of $16 million per season over a five-year term. Is he worth that much? Maybe not. Do the Jays need him? You bet.


Will A. J. stay with the Jays? Better open the vault to keep him.

  1. They should let him go, and take the draft picks they recieve in compensation. Trade BJ Ryan and a few of their lefty prospects for something they need, then use 22 million they save to sign something else they need.
    They need SS/SP/DH or LF

  2. I don’t know about “worth”, but he’ll get what he gets, and I’d be willing to bet it’ll be North of $16 million. It’s the whole combination of GM’s being dumb/greedy, it not being their money, and pitching being so hard to come by (even just decent .500 pitching, which is all Burnett really is).

    It also seems as though New York (who had a better season than the Jays) have decided that last season was a complete travesty, and they are going to spend like drunken sailors to fix their “horrible” team and bring it back up to snuff (the Yankees have a very different notion of “success” than the Jays!).

    Wouldn’t shock me one bit if the Yankees offered AJ $20 million.

  3. Burnett is very over-rated. Above average, but that’s about it. Career record: 87-76. Career ERA: 3.81.

    Last season, was above career ERA, but the lucky recipient of the most run support of all Blue Jay starters, the only reason he won 18 games.

    Frequently injured. Healthy for only 4 of last 8 seasons, total starts 191.

    Now let’s compare to a real star, Halladay. Career record, 131-66. Career ERA 2.78. Healthy for 5 of last 8 seasons, total starts 222.

    So, if AJ is worth 16 million, then Halladay is worth 25 million. Yet Halladay is being paid 13 million.


  4. Two of my pet peeves: investment bankers running their company into the ground while collecting 10 million dollar bonuses, and pitchers who win just a few more games than they lose pocketing 16 million per year.

  5. I really like AJ and hope he stays with the Jays, but my gut is telling me he will go for some big money (at least $16 million) and the Jays will say no.

  6. Two of my pet peeves: the investment banks to manage their business into the ground while collecting $ 10 million in premiums, and pitchers who earn just a few more games than they lose offend 16 million per year.

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