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Will and Kate tour Yellowknife, Blatchford Lake

Visit expected to focus on aboriginal relationship


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are on the northern leg of their royal visit after having landed in Yellowknife on Monday night. Their visit to the Northwest Territories is being labeled as on opportunity to focus on the relationship between the Royal Family and Canada’s aboriginal peoples. A spokesman for the territorial government told the CBC that between 3,000 and 5,000 people are expected to greet Will and Kate Tuesday at Yellowknife’s Somba K’e Civic Plaza. There they will see aboriginal dancing, musical performances and a street hockey game featuring local youth. Grand Chief of the Assembly of First Nations Shawn Atleo has said the relationship between aboriginal peoples and the Royal Family is “sacred.”

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Will and Kate tour Yellowknife, Blatchford Lake

  1. I can only watch the Roal Tour on TV and find it very delightful! They make me glad to be a Canadian as I see them mingle with the common folk whereever they are! Too bad the tour is only for 9 days but perhaps they will come back again SOON!
    This tour gives much credibiity to the Monarchy in my opinion.
    Donald Paul Tuck Sr.
    Toronto, Ontario, Canda