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Will free plastic bags make a comeback?

Grocery giant reviews its 5¢ plastic bag fee


Grocery chain Atlantic Superstore is bucking a trend and reconsidering their five-cent bag fee. Back in December, the company stopped charging its customers as an “appreciation move,” and it has extended the gesture into January. The fee, designed to limit the number of plastic bags that end up in landfills, was implemented by Atlantic’s parent company Loblaw Cos. Ltd., and no one from at corporate headquarters has commented on its suspension. In an email, the company said the fee was being “evaluated” while some customers have expressed frustration with the bag fees and having to remember their own cloth bags. The company said they have seen a 55 per cent drop in the number of bags distributed when compared to stores that were not charging the fee.

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Will free plastic bags make a comeback?

  1. …and but for the press of one more button on the cash register, the 5 cents per gag…oops, bag, adds up.

  2. It does make me more conscious of plastic though.

  3. buy a bag of groceries or other household products and have a look at how much packaging you have …some of it not recyclable …get a bag of chips and half the bag is empty …get a box of cereal and there is a plastic bag inside a box …why don't they just push to having things recyclable or biodegradable then we would save on a lot of stuff in the landfills

  4. In anticipation of grocery stores starting to charge for bags, for the last year I have been stocking up on them. I have a 3 bin garbage system which was designed to use these grocery bags. Purchased bargage bags won't work with my system. I use one for regular garbage, another for paper recycling and the 3rd for glass, metal and milk cartons, Pete 1 & 2 plastics which are recycled where I live. These bags are put directly out on the street for pickup and then recycled as well. Personally, I suspect that Loblaws were losing business to Sobeys.

  5. Take a look at Europe. They haven't had plastic for years and it works. Get used to it consumers. You'll remember to bring your own bags eventually.

    • I'm tired of always looking at Europe for things I disagree with. I want convenient plastic bags and stores that give me them for free are going to be appreciated.

      Not to mention I prefer them simply to spite the green movement. I'll be sure to ask for double bags once the 5 cent money grab is removed.

  6. We have 2 Labradors. Need I say more?