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Will freedom for Conrad Black be short-lived?

Return to jail possible as hearing set for today


Former media mogul Conrad Black could eventually go back to prison, or a judge could set him free for good: a status hearing Thursday in Chicago could provide clues about actions U.S. District Judge Amy St. Eve may take. Black is returning to court after losing his latest appeal against conviction on fraud and obstruction charges. He was released last year from a Florida prison while he appealed his conviction for defrauding Hollinger International Inc. investors. An appeals court in October reversed two of his fraud convictions, citing a ruling on “honest services” laws. At the same time, the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals let stand one fraud and one obstruction of justice conviction. The fraud conviction, the judges found, involved Black and others taking $600,000 and had nothing to do with honest services: It was, they said, theft. In light of these mixed successes, Judge St. Eve could either resentence Black on the retained convictions or allow him to stay free based on time served. Just what St. Eve will do Thursday isn’t clear.

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Will freedom for Conrad Black be short-lived?

  1. This is the US…my guess is that he'll be headed back to the slammer faster than you can say Hollinger.

  2. We can only hope!

  3. I still don't see why the Canadian media keeps reporting on this guy. He isn't even a Canadian citizen anymore! Even if they couldn't prove that he stole from shareholders, the obstruction of justice charge could not be beat, and he deserves the jail time he was sentenced to. It is mockery to the justice system that he was allowed to go out in the first place. He doesn't show any repentance, and for that he should be in jail.

  4. I hear Bernie Madoff has become a prison gang leader. Why not join in?

  5. This drama has gone on long enough, mistakes were made in charges and a persons life has been destroyed with false claims, charges and lack of evidence to criminal intent. Now the date is put on hold till June for what? What justice has been served? To who's benefit did this whole drame serve? Did any good come out of any of this? Is there still financial abuse in business today? Damn right there is and parading Conrad Black around as an example of corporate cleansing is just a despicable lie.