Will Iggy support the budget?

Says we need a February election ‘like a hole in the head’


Showing his typical flare with the English language, Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff is trying to quell fears of a spring election. “We need an election in February,” he said today in Montreal, “like a hole in the head.” Of course, as Jack Layton would probably point out, a new election isn’t the only alternative to a Conservative government.

The Toronto Star

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Will Iggy support the budget?

  1. Is there any doubt who is leading the Conservatives around by the nose? How long can Stephen Harper contain himself before another December style post-FU hissy fit.

    At the very least Ignatieff has forced the CONservatives to act like civilized people instead of the attack dogs they prefer to be.

    Message to GG: Call an election at your risk. Canadians will not be amused by an another 300+ million dollar election in a recession.

    • Funny I was thinking the same thing only the other way around. Perceptions are strange aren’t they?

    • He’s gonna get it right this time. This time he’s gonna ban Canadians from contributing to anyone, other than the CPoC. There, that outa fix em?

  2. I almost forgot. Of course Iggy is going to support the budget of that there is little doubt after all folks Iggy is a lot of things but stupid is not one of them!

    • I think the question is whether or not Iggy will call an election given the financial shape of the Liberal party, which isn’t going to change until they develop a grassroots funding mechanism like the CPC & NDP have.

      If you think the Liberals are the solution to this mess, make like a Reform-wing Conservative or a Dipper & send a cheque to your local candidate. I know this may hurt for those Liberal supporters who feel as entitled as their party does, but those Bay Street contributions aren’t coming back as long as Uncle Steve has any say in the matter. Dollars speak louder than votes.

      • Uncle Steve hasn’t thought it through, as usual.

        It will be a good day in Canada just as soon as just anybody and any company from anywhere in the world can contribute to the Canadian political parties.

        Guess which one is the best with money?

        Get rid of all and any taxpayer-paid or rebated political funding and get Canada into the market like every other banana republic.

        De-fund them all, and get back to the fundamentals: money talks.

        Oh fer sure there will be oversight… fer sure.

  3. ‘Many good reasons for a coalition’: Ignatieff

    reads the headline from the Montreal Gazette, which continues: ‘Federal Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff said Wednesday that Canada needs a federal election next month as much as the country needs “a hole in the head.” And he said he would prefer to lead a coalition government, should he not be satisfied with next week’s federal budget.’

  4. All in all, I think Iggy will wave the threat of coalition, but I doubt he would move on it.
    It just seems that he would have more to lose than to gain.
    I guess we will see how that budget turns out….

  5. Yeah, when’s the last time someone called Stephen Harper’s bluff?

    Oh right, just before he prorogued to avoid a duly elected MP vote in Parliament. Remember, the vote where he would have been shown that the majority of duly elected MPs representing the majority of Canadians HAVE LOST CONFIDENCE IN HIM AND HIS GOVERNANCE!

    Is he going to try that again?

    Times they are a’changing.

  6. what budget?