Will Ottawa finally get a portrait gallery?

Government called on to fund project with money from last week’s budget


Supporters of the campaign to establish a national portrait gallery in downtown Ottawa are calling on the federal government to invest in the project through the infrastructure program unveiled as part of last week’s budget. Celebrated British architect Edward Jones, a member of the 2003 gallery planning committee, told the Ottawa Citizen that despite setbacks—including the Conservative government cancelling the Liberal-initiated initiative not once but twice—the project is ready to go. “Money has been spent, drawings done, approvals obtained and tenders were being received,” he said. “It could happen in two months.” The Senate is also debating a motion authored by a Liberal senator to resurrect former Prime Minister Jean Chrétien’s plan to transform the former American Embassy into a permanent showcase for the hundreds of portraits currently gathering dust in storage. Conservatives in the Senate, however, have objected, citing the fact that the motion would compel the government to spend money, which can only be done through the House of Commons.

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Will Ottawa finally get a portrait gallery?

  1. Well, nice to see the disconnect in Ottawa continue. Someone once called Ottawa 20 miles of city surrounded by reality. Does anyone there, really thing anyone anywhere else, staring at total economic collapse, gives a rat’s ass about a “pretty picture masaleum” in Ottawa so bored civil servants can go and idle away an afternoon. Only the arsty-fartsy bunch have their nickers in a knot because the “evil Harper” isn’t forking over more largesse to produce things no one is interested in. I don’t recall a pep out of the gereral population about this when the Tories killed it before(twice). God, it’s dead but it wouldn’t lie down! Nonetheless the seemingly indefatigable boosters of this boondoggle soldier on as if there isn’t another thing of any importance that government has to deal with now, like I don’t know…a depression perhaps. Cheers.

    • I agree. And not only that, I’m not fond of Canada’s penchant for turning our elected leaders into kings and queens to be revered. Why can’t they use a hallway in the National Art Gallery for this project?

      • Not grand enough….I guess

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