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Will Palin run in 2012?

Or is she angling for the role of kingmaker?


Like her or not, Sarah Palin will play a decisive role in who gets the Republican nomination in 2012. Since being plucked out of relative obscurity by 2008 GOP nominee John McCain, Palin has emerged as a celebrity in her own right. Anyone longing for the nomination will have to deal with her persona, her influence, and her supporters.

Along with Palin’s notoriety, the rise of the Tea Party movement has created a number of inviting venues for the Palin message. She is now a regular commentator on Fox News, adroitly uses social media to comment on current issues, and has a knack for picking eventual winners, even among opponents of Republican incumbents (the only exception being New York’s 23rd district, where Democrat Bill Owens benefited from a GOP party split ).

Does that make her the obvious Republican pick for 2012? Not quite.

She certainly  has the celebrity status to threaten even big-name Republicans like Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich or Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels. But she still has significant credibility problems with establishment types like George Will, Kathleen Parker, and David Frum, and her politics fuel skepticism and doubt in independent voters. Palin also defends the controversial Tea Party without reservation.

Moreover, she has been sheltered by her handlers. Palin is very smart in the venues she chooses and avoids any forum where her views can be debated or challenged. Much is still made about her inability to handle tough interviews on policy and her occasional mangling of the English language. Some pundits believe she is running for president; others claim she is angling for the role of kingmaker.

Palin’s best option for the presidency may be to wait for 2016. The requisite star status, she has already; becoming presidential timber, however, requires time and the ability to handle a sharp learning curve. Either way, Palin has managed to make herself the person to watch out for this November.


Will Palin run in 2012?

  1. Since returning to his blog earlier this week, Mr. Parisella has written three posts, all of them of a fair lenghth.

    I've counted the number of times the name Barack Obama has come up on those three posts. The answer: O.

    Before his blogging hiatus the name Barack Obama invariably littered each and every one of Mr. Parisella's posts.

    I guess the magic is gone.

    • Certainly no magic with Goody Two Shoes! What an idiot ! Only in America can a dimwit make it with zero content and using her kids as props . Spare us 2016…puleeze parisella!

      • The only people using her kids as props were the media.

        • Uh, no, she put those kids front and centre right from the start.

          • How so? Aside from showing people that she has a family, as every politician does, she never used her family as any kind of prop.

  2. Fair column. Welcome back to our home and native land, Parisella.

    A year ago I'd have said Palin was not running, having backed away from the venom launched at her by the media which ruined her effectiveness as Governor of Alaska and didn't stop short of targeting her children.

    But now I'm not so sure. She's clearly not withdrawing from the public eye. I had been told before that she has a defining "I may retreat but I won't give up" streak to her, so perhaps this is what we're seeing – a short retreat, followed by a detour (book, FOX News), followed by a renewed advance (endorsing candidates), followed perhaps by a renewed charge forward from a different starting point? It's classic fire and maneuver, if that's what's happening.

    As to whether this is good for the Republican Party, that remains to be seen. There's no question that she's smart, gutsy, and has some good ideas, but there's also no question that she doesn't articulate her ideas with the cool reasoning of a Reagan, particularly in (as Parisella points out) hostile ground. And make no mistake – if she begins to become a contender, the media will abandon professional journalism again in favour of trying to destroy her – and that will again include trying to smear her family. She can't rely on any kind of decency or class from that quarter.

    • If the Palin family want privacy maybe doing a reality show isn't the best idea,

    • Are you sure we are talking about the Governor of Alaska who ran to be vice president? I would be sure you meant some other Sarah Palin, except that some of the biographical data matches.

    • The media abandoned their professional journalism by not insisting on open press conferences with her. She destroyed herself all on her own. Until she "hits the books" and is able to articulate on policy instead of spouting homey platitudes she will rightfully have her abilities questioned. Anyone who is too afraid to have even one open press conference is not fit to be President.

      • No, no no! She's SMART! And GUSTY! It's all the media's fault anyone thinks any differently!

        • Heh heh, I assume you meant "Gutsy," but "Gusty' could certainly also describe her ;^)

    • "…the venom launched at her by the media which ruined her effectiveness as Governor of Alaska…"

      Oh for the love of god Gaunilon, support Palin all you want, but don't try to tell me that this gong show was the media's doing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W2kjFn4s4sU&fe

      Watch the first three minutes and tell me she's not shooting HERSELF in the foot here, faced with predictable and perfectly reasonable questions from Couric. Nixon, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, even first-term George W. Bush would have slugged every question in that interview out of the park.

    • Yeah, if only she could rely on even-handed journalists like Andrew Breitbart to tell the real Sarah Palin story.

      If you think "smart" when you think "Sarah Palin," you are an idiot.

  3. Palin is America's Stockwell Day.

    Better looking, but not as bright.

    Great entertainment, but not political leaders.

    After politics, both of them have a great future in tele-evangelism where the real money is.

    • I surprisingly agree with that sentiment. Another channel to flip past.

    • Not quite fair. Stock didn't quit.

    • Or, good examples of pols not quite ready for prime time. From what I understand Stock is one of the more effective and respected cabinet ministers these days.

    • Stockwell Day is 100% more qualified for any position he's held than Sarah Palin is — well, except for her latest iteration of making speeches to the choir and flapping her gums on Fox. I say this as someone who does not like Stockwell Day and has never voted for him.

    • There even may be a bright future for Sara Palin in a Pay Per View mud wrestling tour with Michelle Bachmann and Ann Coulter! All are attractive and feisty but ….

      Just a thought.

  4. As someone who doesn't have to live in America, that would be full of awesome win-win. Bring it on!

  5. "becoming presidential timber, however, requires time and the ability to handle a sharp learning curve." – Really? When will Obama get on this curve?

    • He is on it ,Buster, in case you did not notice . start " , Healthcare reform ,Wall Street reform , race to the Top on education , sanctions on Iran , etc . I see you avoid talking about her . Right wingers like simple choices .Very simplistic .

    • If one is delusional enough to equate Obama's and Palin's knowledge levels and intellectual capacity, then one deserves to have Palin as one's candidate. At some future point I look forward to asking "how's that workin' out for ya?"

  6. Sarah Palin doesn't have handlers.
    Research is your friend.

    • Fine. "Wranglers", then.

      • You're an ass… You also make no point.
        Must be the fact that Obama's "Wranglers" are a bunch of corrupt, socialist idiots.

        • I'm certainly an ass, but equally certainly, I have a point: Palin can "research" for the next ten years, and in all likelihood she'll still be a sideshow.

          I didn't bring up Obama, but since you did, you may want to "research" socialism.

          • You're a real charmer!

            And maybe you're right about Palin in 2012, seeing as it is the year of the alleged coming apocalypse.

            For the record, and to save you the trouble, the expression on my face if Ms Palin wins will be roughly:
            – 60% sheer bloody terror
            – 20% utter exasperation
            – 20% mental distraction, as I wonder whether I can fake my way into Iceland, if that'll be far enough out of blast range when she mistakes The Button for room service, and how best to beat the crowds to the airport.

          • Another reason to support Sarah Palin… Don't let the door hit you.

            BTW, you may want to see why the people where protesting in Iceland before heading over there.

          • I would love to hear your ideas about Iceland.

          • Who cares if Palin wins the Republican nomination, that would be the gift to end all gifts to the Democrats.

            In any case, she would quit the job if she won so she could do more good elsewhere. The job of POTUS doesn't pay nearly as much as she earns giving speeches.

          • No because Obama's goons wouldn't be suing both her and the state into poverty, like what was happening in Alaska. Learn your facts before you type. But then again, you're a coward that types anonymously under "Guest.".. Cowards don't don't need to facts to repeat talking points handed down by the DNC.

          • You realize you are flapping your Brietbart talking points on a Canadian magazine site, right?

            As for the anon guest barb, are you suggesting that we would know who you are from your profile? You are sooo brave, Stacy Drake. You are exactly the supporter Palin deserves.

          • "Brietbart talking points" Okay, that means nothing. I actually know what happened up there, but HEY, you can say Breitbart… Must be some sort of smear in lefty land. You obviously can't make a point that means anything… And yes, you're still a coward spewing nonsense on a Canadian publication. Cheers!

          • If you don't know who Andrew Breitbart is, you should look him up. The way you come in here spewing and fuming — so mad your posts are riddled with typos. Yeah, Breitbart will warm the cockles of your little heart.

            Adorable boxing gloves, by the way, but you're going to need a lot of practice and training if you want to be the next Ann Coulter.

          • I know who Andrew Breitbart is dumbass. Unlike you DailyKos tools, I don't take talking points from bloggers.

            Once you start arguing typos, you've lost the debate.


          • What's Daily KOS, my angry little tea bagger? I suppose I should Google it and get my latest talking points.

            There is no debate here. You are frothing at the mouth and calling people names and we are mocking you.

          • You say "my angry little tea bagger"…
            Then you say.. "You are frothing at the mouth and calling people names"

            I agree that there is no debate because people like you have hard time explaining why you are such weak humans that you need the government (paid for by those of productive members of society) to take care of you pathetic creatures.

            Go ahead and get the last word in this useless flame-war.. I've got to go work so I can pay my taxes to take care of your sorry ass.

          • yeah…..you are nuts……you know that right??……..seek help

  7. I think there's going to be too much pressure on her to run from all sides for it to be possible for her to decline. And the way Obama's been doing, I wouldn't be remotely surprised to see her win.

    • I'd not only be surprised if she won, I'd probably seek out other continents to inhabit. Ones that she can not see from her house, would be at the top of my list.

      She's the embodiment of Bush style Presidential material; not nearly smart enough for the job, but popular because she flaunts her dumbness without apology.

      • Well she was the Governor of Alaska, which suggests she at least has some experience.

        Dumbness? Really? Are you suggesting Sarah Palin has damaged hearing? Outrageous!

        • It might explain the Couric interviews – maybe she couldn't hear the questions?

        • Obviously not, because "dumb" refers to being mute, not deafness, although it's associated with it because of the expression deaf and dumb (mute).

          I meant she's stupider than a bag of rocks, because even after her education and political experience, she still couldn't answer simple questions about global politics while she was running for Vice President of the United States. It's one thing to have an opinion that other people don't agree with, but it's an entirely different problem if she doesn't understand the questions.

          Having some experience in a job is not an asset if your experience is nothing positive and you've learned nothing except how to manipulate larger numbers of people.

    • So would you then be remotely surprised to see her lose? The American people are emotional and populist, but they're not flat out morons sourstud.

      • Not at all surprised if she lost either. If I had my choice, Obama would lose the nomination for Hillary to be Prez.

        I just think that right now Palin has enough mainstream Republican support, mixed with Tea Party support, and a visible national profile, that she could actually be dangerous.

        • I can happily say I agree with all that.

  8. Palin has a successful record of enacting policies that work for her constituents, in Alaska she kicked the butts of the oil companies, insurance companies, the federal government, the political 'old boys network' etc. – and the people of Alaska are better off because of her.

    Hundreds of infotainment media partisans got together on secret web forums such as 'journolist' to develop a strategy to undermine her and to an extent it worked. People who are inclined to pretend they're cynical about politics have joined the lamestream media in cheering attacks on Palin. But, she's tougher than that, she'll come back – and win.

    • And quit?

    • Plus she said "no" to federal funding to that Bridge to Nowhere!

    • And she quit . Got people fired who crossed . She is vindictive and highly insincere . It was no `journolist`who made her look stupid with Couric and Charlie Gibson . She is a dim wit . Just read her facebook and Tweets. Even thoughtful are embarassed about her . Here , pasrisella is right . She is a celebrity but NO SUBSTANCE .

    • Oh Philanthropist, you're so misanthropic.

    • Undermine her?

      This is all you need to listen to.
      The woman succumbed to a juvenile, transparent, easy prank, hook line and sinker

      After listening to this the predominant emotion is pity for her, followed by fear that she actually came so close to the oval office

  9. Ah, she's running already. Which way is the bank ?

    • Her handlers are currently fundraising for her "legal defense fund", apparently.

  10. Tina will be very pleased.

  11. Given Obama's freefall in popularity, if Palin does not run in 2012 her next chance may not be until 2020. Obama is looking more and more like a 1 term president.

    Either way, she would have a much better chance in 2016 or 2020 than in 2012.

    • Obama's poll numbers are higher now than Reagan's were at this point in his first term. The Repubs will pick up some House and Senate seats this November, as parties opposite a Prez always do at the midterm. But they'll mistakenly take this as a signal that their scorched-earth policy is worth pursuing even more fanatically and the Dems will have a field day in 2012.

      • Obama will be a one-term president. Mostly because of ideology, Obama being much too far left, but also because of his incompetence, which is surprising many.

        • Youmean in driving Health Care reform and Financial regulation reform? True, he was unable to enact a climate change bill, but where is the incompetence?
          He has brought the UN and Europe onside to try and control Iran, he has negotiated an arms-reduction treaty with Russia and he s trying to implement FTA's with Korea and COlombia. All sounds pretty ambitious. However, you may have noticed that the economy world wide is pretty dire, which is what is driving his unpopularity.

          • You're right that the economy is the big thing that's driving down his numbers But not contending head-on with the econmy and having other priorities is seen as compounding the problem. Not dealing with the task at hand smacks of incompetence to me. His Carter-like foreign policy is emboldening the West's enemies and making an already dangerous world all the more dangerous. Sensing Carter's weakness, the Soviets invaded Afghanistan. If Obama doesn't change course on foreign policy or is not soon replaced, we'll get a similar bold move by a belligerent state.

          • I don't think bringing in Europe or the U.N. is doing anything to stop Iran's nuclear program.Trying to bring in Government Health care during a recession is just plain idiotic.His financial bailouts have been a failure and bordering on corruption and when all countries are agreed on no more bailouts he wants more. At least Palin has ran a Government .I'm afraid Obama inexperience is showing.

          • Palin ran "a Governement" into the ground and the only thing she stuck around for was mayor of Wasilla…… she left the town in a HUGE debt ……..Palin supporters are generally rabid birthers with a little racism thrown in…(having met a few)

  12. It's called the Republican descent. or dumbing down. First the puppet Ronny, then Bush 1, later Bush 2 and now Palin. But who are the puppeteers?

    • not a reply but simply a thumbs up!

    • The same puppeteers no matter who is in the White House: Wall Street and the defense industry. The tea baggers are distracted by Obama, so they are too angry to notice how little has changed since W left. At this point, who cares who is in the White House. Might as well be Palin.

  13. if palin is running for president of the worlds most powerful country …then democracy has truly been compromised by a pathetic lil show boating idiot and it is time to run for the hills…she does not have the proper intellect to run her household let alone her political s a v v y…..gawd

  14. Please, you over pretentious Dems, don't ever make the mistake to underestimate Sarah Palin.

    • I doubt it's possible to underestimate her. In any case, "No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people ."

      I think it will be fun if you get your President Palin in 2012. Bonus for her: her tea bagger base will be able to blame all that ails them on the four years of Obama.

      I would be curious to know how many posters here can actually vote in the US.

    • yeah…this is a Canadian Mag……we are Tories and Libs here….at least get your insults correct