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Will they or won’t they?

Only the Liberal party pollster knows for sure. (Maybe.)


The Toronto Star’s Susan Delacourt reports on the man who may hold the short- to medium-term electoral fate of the country in his hands—or at least, his PowerPoint deck: Liberal party pollster Michael Marzolini, of Pollara research firm, who will be making one of his periodic presentations to the caucus as they meet in Sudbury this week. Although Marzolini insists that he’s not there simply to feed the beast—”Of my 40 minutes, I’m only dedicating 10 seconds to the issue of when to call the election,” he told the Star yesterday—it’s hard to see how the numbers he reveals can’t influence the ongoing debate within the Liberal Party over whether it’s time to bring down the government. Although Senator David Smith, who will likely be at the centre of the eventual campaign, told reporters last week that he doesn’t envision an election over employment insurance, the Star quotes a ‘senior Liberal MP’ characterizing the leader’s attitude as ‘bullish.’ Then again, that was before hearing from Pollara.

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Will they or won’t they?

  1. I predict a lot of threats and bluster from Ignatieff and the Liberals, then in the tradition of Dion, they will back down and sit on their hands.

    How many times will this make?

  2. Will there be an election this fall? We still don't know!

  3. There will not be an Election. Liberals are not ready, but will never admit it.

  4. I live in Ontario, I hate Liberals, E-health, Lottery, Garbage strike…HST…Non-stops election …
    Dr. Iggy ,it's time to stay back and think about ?