Will Tiger quit golf?

Woods’s wife reportedly urging the superstar to focus on his family


In the wake of revelations he cheated on his wife with at least two porn stars, a waitress and a nightclub hostess, Tiger Woods has reportedly told Elin Nordegren he’s prepared to “do anything” to win her back. But Nordegren, who has apparently decided to stay with Woods for the sake of the couple’s two children, may be asking for more than Woods ever imagined: “It’s golf… or me.” Woods and his wife “have agreed to try and rebuild their marriage, but Elin will be the one calling the shots,” a “friend” of the couple tells The Sun. “It will be a long time before he’s travelling the globe playing golf unless Elin’s by his side. […] Quitting golf shows he is willing to sacrifice something he loves so much to protect his family.”

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Will Tiger quit golf?

  1. she is stupid that is how he make a living.

    • He has enough money that he can afford to take awhile off.

      Good for him.

      • He can take all the time off he wants, things will never be the same no matter what.

  2. Why do these people get married anyway. Being on the road all the time and having so much money this type of thing is bound to happen. As for the women that feel they have to go on talk shows and tell of their nights with Tiger, they have no shame at all, that is a personal thing and to share that with the public is just looking for more attention towards themselves. They should just shut up.

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