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Will Toronto have an itch-free film festival?

Possible bedbugs in theatre investigated ahead of TIFF


Not even the glitzy Toronto International Film Festival is safe from the bedbug infestation that is sweeping Canada. A moviegoer recently tweeted that she thinks she got bedbug bites at a downtown Toronto movie theatre, where thousands of film fest patrons will screen movies from Sept. 9-19. Shortly after the Tweet, TIFF co-director Cameron Bailey wrote on his
Twitter account that the staff at the venue in question, the Scotiabank Theatre, is going to investigate and stamp out the problem. “Before bedbugs becomes today’s meme: we’re on it, we’re talking to Cineplex & are planning for an itch-free (festival),” wrote Bailey.

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Will Toronto have an itch-free film festival?

  1. Bed bugs are a very very real problem, and they're spreading. As someone who frequents movie theatres and who's fearful of bed bugs, I'm relieved TIFF and Cineplex acted quickly, but I worry the "all clear" that was given earlier today will simply lull the public back into a false sense of security. Routine inspections and increased public awareness would do wonders to thwart future infestations.

  2. Bed bugs were eliminated in the Western world through the use of DDT in the 40's, 50's & 60's. Its time to bring it back to once again control this problem.

  3. Bed bugs in the movie theatres! Yuck!
    No more movies for me