Windsor’s Symphony is looking for a bailout

WSO is asking city for a $300,000 interest-free loan


To the list of Windsor’s economic troubles—the demise of its principle industry, a 10.9% unemployment rate—you can now add the city’s symphony. And like the auto industry, the symphony is looking for a bailout. Projected to run a deficit for the fourth straight year, the WSO is asking city council for a $300,000, interest-free loan. “I expect there will significant debate by council on this issue next Monday,” says Mayor Eddie Francis. “Our economic climate and budget challenges we are facing put us in a difficult environment (to consider the loan) … But having said that we know the symphony is a significant organization that brings tremendous value to the city.”

The Windsor Star

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Windsor’s Symphony is looking for a bailout

  1. Mr.Lewenza,

    I am responding to your quote this morning on AM 800 news regarding the WSO”.

    “Like many other performing arts organization in Canada, the WSO has been achieving amazing things on razor-thin margins,” says Katherine Carlton, Executive Director, Orchestras Canada, “and with almost two-thirds of their annual revenues coming from ticket sales, corporate and individual support, the WSO has been quick to feel the impact of the economic downturn”.

    “In my view, the team at the WSO has learned from experience,” states Katherine Carlton, Executive Director, Orchestras Canada, “they have identified the issues they face, and they’ve developed a credible plan to move forward while remaining accessible to all of Windsor’s citizens. What they need now is the time – and the cash-flow – to implement their plan.”

    The WSO is looking for a loan, not a hand out. If St. Clair hadn’t raised the rent twice already at the Chrysler Centre, this would not be occurring. Did you know the Capitol was their home back when? Perhaps if that situation were resolved and were stable and settled, then there would be an option for them. Like any business, they would have had the alternative to change suppliers. Once again, trying economic times have harmed another of our businesses – not their fault.

    Symphonies, art galleries and arts incubators, and the arts in general. can provide economic impact on a community and revitalize downtowns.

    Your resistance to help is viewed as another nail in the arts in this area.

    If you don’t want to reconsider your opinion, it would be most appropriate to ask your constituents what they want such by polling them as you are doing with Greenlink. That would be democratic…A city devoid of culture is a city on its way to nowhere. I would urge you to assist the WSO based on their past record as well as the granting they will be receiving.

    Impending closure of A Channel News, bad news stories and economic doom and gloom of closures in this area are depressing enough. This is something that you have some control over.

    This is an award-winning group working hard to serve its community and leverage the identity of this area of the province. Their patrons are serious about its symphony and contain some of the most prominent movers in the city.

    Please read the link below as it sheds light on the arts in St. Catharines Ontario and was issued in December, 2008.


    This clearly indicates forward movement by a declining community.

    Please take the time to read this and I hope it changes your opinion.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Sheryl Davies

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