Wine-drinking women stay slimmer: study

Moderate drinkers gain less weight than those who avoid it


Women who drink moderately gain less weight than those who avoided alcohol, according to a new report published by U.S. researchers in the Archives of Internal Medicine. The study followed 19,000 women over 13 years—the women were aged 39 or over and of normal weight when they joined. Over the next 13 years, they gained weight progressively, with those who drank no alcohol gaining the most weight, even after accounting for lifestyle, diet, and other factors like smoking and exercise, the BBC reports. Moderate drinkers, classified as about two 150-ml of glasses of wine a day, gained less, suggesting they may have substituted alcohol (which contains calories) for other food. Women who drank red wine gained the least, although it held true for other wines, beers and spirits.


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Wine-drinking women stay slimmer: study

  1. More junk science. These kinds of studies often overlook, or fail to report on the other mitigating factors that contribute to the result. For example, some of the people in this study may be thin as a result of the ravages of alcoholism. They would skew the results enough to make them meaningless.

    • I don't think alcoholics are generally classified as moderate drinkers, drinking only two glasses a day.

    • "Even after accounting for lifestyle, dietary factors and things like smoking and exercise, the study found those who drank the least gained the most weight. "

      Fred, the sample was 19,000 women, which means all kinds of women were considered. This study supports others that have been done.


  2. I don't think people who drink 2 glasses or less per day can be considered "ravaged by alcoholism"… I'm happy to note that my habit of skipping desert in favour of a glass of wine is doing me more good than I realized!

  3. "Ravages of alcohol?"

    Fortunately we're not being melodramatic.

    It makes sense though. Wine has sugar in it, but its mostly natural sugar and not the mounds of refined stuff that you're going to see in deserts and such.

  4. With bikini season iupon us – bottoms up!

    So to speak.

  5. I think the first poster was clearly exaggerating by calling this junk science and referring to alcoholism. Nonetheless, as much as I like the conclusion being made, I would like to see more discussion of why there is a link between wine-drinking and less weight-gain. Is it psychological (the article notes that women are more likely to count calories than men)? Is it biological (the article also notes that women may break down alcohol differently)? Is it a mix of both (stress contributes to weight gain, and moderate alcohol consumption may be good stress relief)? Is it a spurious correlation (the ability to enjoy wine moderately may be a proxy for a person's degree of self-control)?

    Until we have a strong causal case, I would tend to take these results with a grain of salt. For instance, if what we are really seeing is a self-control effect, consuming two glasses of wine a day will not impact one's self-control. It will, however, add a number of empty calories to one's diet.

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