Winning hearts, minds, and other parts -

Winning hearts, minds, and other parts


Gimme a break, you try writing a headline for this post without some lame single-entendre sex pun, like “when soft power turns hard,” or “pubic diplomacy”. 

After a long conversation through an interpreter, the retired operator began to probe for ways to win the man’s loyalty. A discussion of the man’s family and many wives provided inspiration. Once it was established that the man was in good health, the pills were offered and accepted.

Four days later, when the Americans returned, the gift had worked its magic, the operative recalled.

“He came up to us beaming,” the official said. “He said, ‘You are a great man.’ ”

“And after that we could do whatever we wanted in his area.”

That’s right — the CIA is co-opting taliban chieftains with viagra. 


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Winning hearts, minds, and other parts

  1. Was this near Kandahard?

  2. Friendly fire, Insurrection, Taliban reinsurgence…

  3. Looks like the idea achieved great prominence after it was run up the, um, flag pole in Langley, VA.

    And hey, if this achieves useful intelligence, more, um, power to them.

  4. The CIA drives a hard bargain.

  5. Weapons of mass erections.

  6. A hard man is good to find.

  7. Apparently a way to a man’s heart is ten inches below his stomach.