Woman arrested for allegedly swapping OJ with poison at Starbucks


Police have arrested a woman in San Jose, Cal. who they allege was adding rubbing alcohol to bottles of orange juice, which she then placed into a beverage cooler at Starbucks.

According to a report at MercuryNews.com, police made the arrest on Monday after a customer reported seeing a woman take two bottles of orange juice out of her purse and put them into the case.

Employees reportedly examined the bottles and found them to be emanating what police later described as a “toxic smell.” They then called police.

A Starbucks employee had written down the woman’s license plate number and she was located at her home later that evening. Police said they didn’t know her motive.

Ramineh Behbehanian, 50, was arrested on suspicion of felony poisoning.

No one drank the juice, which was a good thing because rubbing alcohol, or isopropyl alcohol as its also known, can be harmful and even fatal when consumed.

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