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Woman charged after drink tossed at Rob Ford


TORONTO – Toronto police have charged a woman who is alleged to have thrown a drink at embattled Mayor Rob Ford.

Police say a cup of juice was thrown at Ford on Saturday afternoon while he was attending an Italian street festival.

Police had no other details about the incident or whether there is any connection to the negative publicity the mayor has received in recent weeks.

Twenty-seven-year-old Shannon Everett faces an assault charge and is scheduled to appear in court on July 23 to face the allegation.

The mayor alluded to the incident briefly Sunday in the weekly radio show he hosts with his brother, Coun. Doug Ford, saying the pair had experienced “some excitement” the previous day.

Doug Ford went further, simultaneously condemning and brushing off what he called his brother’s “little shower.”

“That’s unfortunate but it’s no big deal…It’s what I feel is crossing the line,” he said on the afternoon radio show.

Ford has been on the hot seat for weeks over media reports of an alleged video that appears to show him smoking crack cocaine, which he has denied using.

The scandal has generated international headlines and the mayor’s latest publicity generated considerable mirth on social media sites like Twitter.

“I will buy this woman a drink,” one person tweeted.

“whoever you are, I love you,” another person chimed in.

However some people expressed disapproval of the alleged drink throwing

“I do not support Ford but this was NOT necessary,” one tweet read.

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Woman charged after drink tossed at Rob Ford

  1. is she part of a sting op too? she probably wont get as famous as robyn doolittle the narcissist.

  2. There’s no need to do anything to garner even more sympathy for him from the Ford Nation. Let him self-destruct on his own folks.

    • Actually think the non-stop attacks by the press and childish behavior by types like this woman are helping Ford. Think even non-Ford voters are getting weary of the three ring circus

  3. I gather that the drink didn’t hit him – it landed on the ground. She wont be in court for a week, so I guess it’s not that serious. Who knows? She might not have been throwing it at him.

    • You’d think that it’d be pretty hard not to hit him with a drink if you were actually trying to.