Woman sues Ottawa police for excessive force

Jail video shoes Roxanne Carr handcuffed and dragged to cellblock


Ottawa woman Roxanne Carr is suing the Ottawa police department for their alleged mistreatment of her when she was arrested and charged with assaulting police, obstructing justice, and damaging property in 2008. Carr claims her arm was broken in the process of detainment. Media outlets, including The Canadian Press, prompted an Ontario judge to release a video of Carr’s arrest, in which she can be seen being dragged through a jail hallway handcuffed. Ottawa police say they probed the incident and determined that no misconduct took place.

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Woman sues Ottawa police for excessive force

  1. I think the tag line should read: “Jail video shows Roxanne Carr handcuffed…” not shoes

  2. Depending on news source it seems some media outlets are on a witchhunt. Maybe someone should give them the GPS coordinates for Salem. Ms Carr is a flimflam artist who appears to have a substance abuse problem who can’t control her urges and wants to blame the authorities for her “problem”.

  3. No misconduct here.
    But possibly a dreadful lack of humanity.
    I thought Terminators were alive and well only on film.
    Rest Easy Ottawa.
    You’re in fine hands.
    “Nothin to see here folks…move along!”

    • I beg to differ! Did you see the video, it was much more than dragging her on the floor, she was also kicked by the female officer for no apparent reason. Abuse, you bet!

      • There was no “abuse” or police misconduct in that video at all.  Why is
        she being dragged?  Because she’s refusing to walk and/or stand.  Trust me, officers do not drag an individual by choice–they would much rather they walk of their own accord.  Since there is no
        audio I’m willing to bet that verbal commands were being constantly
        uttered by the officers in order to get her to cooperate regarding
        various behaviours.  She was not “kicked” by any means–I even had trouble trying to figure out what you were talking about.  If anything there was a “knee strike” which is a common tactic used to gain compliance which is legal under the “use of force continuum” (look it up), which governs police physical conduct when engaged in any type of altercation.  Also, I wish video could have been available for how much she resisted before they even had the cuffs on.  It is not customary for 6 officers to accompany an individual into a cell if they’ve been cooperative.

        As always, the ignorant and naive members of society think they know what Officers should/should not be doing when dealing with the public and since they know nothing of what the job actually entails, they feel obliged to put their two-cents in whenever they can.

        Are there instances of police abuse of power?  Absolutely.  But this is not one of them.

  4. Ms Carr must have lost her sugar daddy and needs some sugar so figured to attempt to get her own non-reality show – looking for a producer.

  5. To bad it wasn’t Rosanne Barr.

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