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Woman threw acid on her own face: police

Burns were self-inflicted, not caused by a stranger


Nearly three weeks after Bethany Storro told police in Portland, Oregon that a black woman had thrown a cup of acid in her face outside a Starbucks, police are saying she has admitted to throwing it on herself. During a police investigation, “several discrepancies began to emerge regarding the alleged attack,” police chief Clifford Cook told CBC. In a news conference on Sept. 2, surrounded by her parents and with her face wrapped in bandages, Storro told of being attacked and drew sympathy worldwide, with a fundraiser planned and donation sites established. But police began to wonder why burn patterns didn’t match her account, and why she’d been wearing sunglasses (which she said was a coincidence that saved her vision) after 7:00pm on the day of the attack.

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Woman threw acid on her own face: police

  1. an innocent person may well have been picked up and gone through hell trying to prove her innocence . I'm glad the police found out she did it herself . to say she is troubled doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of this woman. ACID ! of all things .

  2. WOW!! How sad that someone is so attention deprived that she would do this to herself. Besides having no self esteem she is not creative at all…..Accusing a black woman of doing this….That seems to be the norm these days.Falsley accusing someone of the opposite race!! As if because she said the woman was black it would make the story more believable!!! Oh geez……

  3. And does anyone doubt that this deceitful women would be charged for wasting scarce police and health-care resources IF SHE WAS A MAN?

    Of course a man would likely NOT have perpetrated such a obviously self-involved and individually focussed attempt at sympathy. More likely he would take advantage of someone gullible (a la Bernie Madoff) or assault someone to defend a group or someone he perceived as being taken advantage of.

  4. A sane person doesn't do this and whatever scars she going to carry on the outside couldn't possibly match what she's carrying on the inside. From now on, every time she looks in the mirror she will be reminded of her sickness.

  5. When I saw that woman in the hospital with those bandages over her face, I literally cried I was so filled with sadness and so enraged at the sicko that would do such a thing — and I am not white. She probably doesn't have the inteligence or the conscience to ever feel the remorse for her stupid action. I agree it is a trend with people such as herself – remember Susan Smith and her dumb accusations? They've been doing this stupid crap since they burned the "witches" at the stake in Salem.

    • Ranee, you should still feel sad and enraged — but refocus on this woman's incredible mental problems. What kind of sane person would do such a thing? She will carry the scars of her mental illness forever, wearing them like a beacon on her face.

  6. This is a very serious and sad case, I certainly hope she gets the help she is obviously seeking…….

  7. YTs ALWAYS blame blacks.. Shameful!!!!!

    • "YTs".. You're too ignorant for me to even attempt to educate. I hope it is as blissful as they say. Ignorance that is…

  8. i hope the sun God ra burns you to hell fo the devilish lies you try to put on our people!!!