Women need better access to “morning after” pill, a U.S. court rules

Bush administration-era restrictions will get a second look


A U.S. court has ordered the FDA to examine its policy limiting access of the morning after pill (also called Plan B) saying the agency allowed politics to interfere with its decision-making under the Bush administration. The 52-page ruling by the District Court for the Eastern District of New York, also said the FDA should allow 17-year-olds to buy Plan B without a prescription. The FDA had formerly allowed women 18 years or older “easier” access to the medication but asked for a prescription for women 17 and younger despite it being most effective in preventing pregnancy when taken within 24 hours of sexual intercourse. Nancy Northrup, president of Center for Reproductive Rights, which filed suit against the FDA in 2005, said the court “recognized that the FDA favored politics over science, ideology over women’s health, and violated the law in the process.”


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Women need better access to “morning after” pill, a U.S. court rules

  1. This is one more example of the restriction of human rights by the previous administration. I hope the FDA will follow the court order. There is a long list of of things all government agencies need to correct if they are going to return to a near democracy, of course this is very difficult since they are a republic.

  2. It’s available in Canada without a prescription. You must talk to the pharmacist, but you don’t need a prescription. This fact means that it could be acquired in Canada and brought to the US for black market sale. It also means that the unscrupulous could sell something as Plan B and claim they got it in Canada. In that circumstance,who knows what the buyer may be receiving and the danger it may pose. It’s silly to allow “morally” motivated politics to dictate circumstances that create a danger to the populace.

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