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Women on the pill might live longer

They’re less likely to die of cancer or heart disease, study shows


According to a study of 46,000 women over almost 40 years, those who took the birth control pill were less likely to die of cancer or heart disease. The team, led by Philip Hannaford of the University of Aberdeen, followed earlier data suggesting an increased risk for women on the pill, but found it disappeared in the long term. It was one of the largest investigations into the pill’s health effects, the BBC reports, adding that Philip called it “really reassuring for women.” While the pill’s long-term effects haven’t always been clear, he told the news service that “his study, after following up a large group of women for 39 years, has shown there is no increased risk among women who have used the pill, in fact there is a small 12% drop.”

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Women on the pill might live longer

  1. What about those of us well into menopause, are we supposed to keep taking the pill becasue of reports like this?

    • Different pill. Different reason for taking it. Different benefit profile. Different risks.

      Except for the aforementioned minor issues, I suppose one might wish to draw some parallels.

  2. There seems to be a lot of variables here. Did any of these Woman smoke? Did Heart Disease or Cancer run in their Families? If the answer is Yes, and they live longer in spite of this,then we should be studying this a lot more!

    • My guess: in a study this size, they probably thought of that and made the appropriate adjustments.