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Women with big hips have worse memory: study

Excess weight impairs brains, but on the hips makes it worse


Excess weight seems to impair women’s brains, but carrying it on the hips makes it worse, according to researchers at the Northwestern Medicine team. The researchers found that “apple-shaped” women do better than “pears” on cognitive tests, the BBC reports. Weight around the waist ups the risk of cancer, diabetes and heart disease, said experts who noted that findings highlighted the importance of maintaining healthy weight for body and mind. Risks associated with obesity, like vascular disease and inflammation, could help explain why overweight people are at higher risk of dementia, but this new study suggests extra fat around the waist could protect brain functioning. Belly fat seems to make more of the female hormone estrogen, which lowers after menopause. In the study which looked at 8,745 post-menopausal women aged 65 to 79, researchers gave women a test used to judge brain function, as well as weighing and measuring them. Over two-thirds of the women were overweight or obese. For every one point increase in their BMI, the memory score dropped by one point, and pear-shaped women scored particularly badly.

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Women with big hips have worse memory: study

  1. wow, what a useful study! I'm sure millions were spent for this valuable information! Hilary Clinton, take note! how dumb is a society when studies like this is allowed?? gawd.

  2. Wow, first the belly button study and now this, lol….

    • Agree.. So i guess that means a woman with ''apple'' shaped hips and a ''ineey'' belly button will outsmart and swim faster that than a woman with ''pear'' shaped hips and a ''outee'' belly button. I wonder if I should apply for some form of Government grant money to study this.?…lol…

      • You should and also we should let know our Olympians so they can be prepared, lol!

        • Olympians !! I never thought of that, I could include them in the study and call it the ''OlympY – Bellybum'' Study. Thankyou Ms. Lemire, I shall include you in the ''special thanks'' section…and if it takes off i will send money…..lol

          • Hahaha, I will be looking forward to that!

  3. Interesting that they pick on post-menopausal women, you know 50ish and up. Oh wait, they chose a group of very post-menopausal women – ages 65-79. Yeah, granny was expected to be just as sharp as her 20 year old grand-daughter, so it came as such a shock to us! It's always the estrogen ladies! But don't take hormone replacement 'cause that could kill you! I bet the study could be a lot more generalized. How about overweight and obese people in general, regardless of sex or age? Hard to concentrate when you're hungry all the time. Studies like this really tick me off!

    Oh wait, maybe I should apply for gov't grant money to take this study to the next level! After all, it's possible that it's just Chicago women. Or just American women. Or North Americans in general. I would think that if you're 40-50 years out of school the old memory might slip a bit, but obviously that's not the case. It's how wide your hips are, is all. Maybe I could study European women to see if there's any correlation with this study! Grant money for a year or two in Paris would be just the thing!


  4. millions of dollars for this? wow!