Workers at Canada's only unionized Walmart vote to decertify -

Workers at Canada’s only unionized Walmart vote to decertify


WEYBURN, Sask. – Workers at the only unionized Walmart in Canada have voted in favour of decertification.

The votes, cast by employees at the Saskatchewan store nearly three years ago, were counted after a decision earlier this week by the Supreme Court.

The United Food and Commercial Workers’ union wanted to appeal a labour board decision regarding accusations of unfair labour practices, but the high court refused to hear it.

Walmart spokesman Andrew Pelletier said Friday there were 51 votes cast against the union and five in favour of keeping it.

“Our associates in Weyburn have spoken, and we respect their decision,” he said. “We are pleased their voices have finally been heard because they have waited more than two-and-a-half years for their votes to be counted.

“We will continue to focus on being a great place to work and on continuous improvement.”

Weyburn is located about 120 kilometres southeast of Regina.

Norm Neault, president of UFCW Local 1400, said earlier that if the union lost the vote, it would try to organize again.

The union has been attempting to certify other Walmart stores in Saskatchewan, including Moose Jaw and North Battleford.

A three-member panel with the Saskatchewan Labour Relations Board is to consider the results of the vote on Wednesday. Pelletier said he expects a formal order to decertify the union will be issued the same day.

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Workers at Canada’s only unionized Walmart vote to decertify

  1. I was a member of a union and had to organize petition to oust the president that was corrupt as it could be he and the engagement colluded to screw the members. After the ouster the X-president went to labor relation board and filed a complain the union had to hire a lawyer and spend $25000 on legal fees. We would have been better of without a union

  2. The union movement needs to clean house of all the feather-bedders and cronies and become a modern advocate for worker’s rights, which they have lost sight of. While government has evolved to protect a lot of the most flagrant cases of abuse in the workplace (child labour, dangerous working conditions, etc) there is still a grave gap between the power of management and owners, and the workers, which can only be lessened via organized labour.

    However, I have to laugh when Walmart’s spokesperson claims they wanted the will of their employees to be heard. Whenever even a whiff of union organizing is sensed at Walmart stores, they send in teams to do everything in their power to stop the certification process, including backroom deals, propaganda campaigns, rumours of firings, etc. The cost of unionization throughout Walmart’s workers would cost the company billions in wages and benefits, which they do not want to offer when it can go to the billionaire Walton family and stockholders who own the company. Anyone interested in how Walmart functions (in the US, at least) should watch the movie/DVD documentary “Walmart, the high cost or low prices” to see the way the company abuses their employees. It is probably the wealthiest company worldwide that has so many of their working employees and their families living in or near poverty level.

  3. Employees, was a good move and will go a long way to job security. For the 5 that voted union, well, keep your heads down and work out or they might boot you out.

  4. My daughter worked at this Weyburn Walmart tduring this time and was told all sorts of horrible lies by management and since she was still in high school and living under my roof; I was very angry that they would use such scare tactics on a student so that they are scared to vote yes to a union. WALMART MANAGEMENT IS DESPICABLE!