Working long hours boosts heart disease risk -

Working long hours boosts heart disease risk

Working over 11 hours a day can be harmful, experts say


People who work more than 11 hours a day, instead of the usual 9 to 5 shift, are at an increased risk for heart disease, the BBC reports. According to a new study from experts at the University College London, the risk of heart disease increases by 67 per cent among those who work such long hours, and doctors should be asking their patients about their workdays. The team looked at over 7,000 civil service employees, tracking their health since 1985. Over 11 years, 192 of the participants had a heart attack, and people who worked 11 hours or more a day were more than half as likely again to have a heart attack than those who worked shorter hours. Adding work hours to well-known risk factors, like high blood pressure, made researchers’ predictions even more accurate.

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Working long hours boosts heart disease risk

  1. Right on!! In fact, since I retired, I have never been sick, and always in the greatest of moods! May I do you a favor and inform you, Get away from working!! It kills!
    Just look at the Muslim oil countries. Never work a day in their life. I feel sorry for people working their life away. What a con job on the poor suckers. And get this!! Then they expect to go to a heaven and live happily ever after!!! lololol

  2. Well obviously you don't have time to eat properly when you're working those long hours. It's always a combination of factors not just how many hours a day you work. Come on.

  3. If you think getting up at 6am and working till 10pm at one thing or another is healthy, well I must say, I am seeing a lot more people turn healthy after retiring. Thinking the world needs you to run it is what kills. Look at the happy healthy Saudis, all they do is kiss cheeks and pray.