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This story was briefed on page A14 of the WSJ yesterday. I didn’t see it anywhere else. 

LOS ANGELES — Cleaner air over the past two decades has added nearly five months to average life expectancy in the U.S., according to a study.

Researchers said it is the first study to show that reducing air pollution translates into longer lives.

Between 1978 and 2001, Americans’ average life span increased almost three years to 77, and as much as 4.8 months of that can be attributed to cleaner air, researchers from Brigham Young University and the Harvard School of Public Health reported in Thursday’s New England Journal of Medicine.

Some experts not connected with the study called the gain dramatic.

“It shows that our efforts as a country to control air pollution have been well worth the expense,” said Joel Kaufman, a University of Washington expert on environmental health.

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World o Declinism

  1. Front page of the Life section in Thursday’s Globe, was also on their front page online.

    • ahh yes… the section of the Globe I immediately toss into the recycling bin. Thanks.

      • You should try using Google News. The have links to all 567 newspapers and online news outlets that ran a story in the past few days based on this study.

        • “Google”?

          What a strange word.

  2. I saw it reported on the local (Buffalo) news earlier this week. A Google search suggests the findings of this study were widely reported.

  3. 3 extra years when I’m 77. Something to look forward to.

    • How cynical! 77 is the new 74!

    • Save this post, Karen. Resolve to read it again on your 77th birthday.

  4. Anyone presently in middle age has gained even more than the three years, statistically, since children, teens and young adults already deceased pull down the average, we middle-aged survivors will be pulling it up. Stay healthy and useful to enjoy these extra years, folks.

  5. I just hope I can make it to witness the Apocalypse. Should be fun.

    • Out on Highway 61 …..

      • I checked my stock portfolio and apparently I can’t afford the extra three years.

  6. While I have no problem with clean air, how can this study conclude that it was clean air that resulted in the longer life span and not some other factor such as better diet r medical care?

    • You should take a course in statistics to find out.

  7. If it prolongs life it probably makes life more pleasant too–less emphysema and other such unpleasantnesses.