World o Declinism


The Post today reprints Rebecca Onion’s great piece on James Howard Kunstler & co.,  originally published in Slate:

I would write off this hatefully regressive book as a fluke, unconnected to the environmentalism I know and love, if not for the resonances it shares with so many other green fantasies of the apocalypse. Kunstler and Weisman seem to relish the idea of an emptier earth—a longing that must have grown during eight years of Bush-era inaction on climate change and pollution. Their stories invite us to imagine how awesome the world would be if we could just live through one tiny apocalypse:

I couldn’t agree more. But you knew that already.

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World o Declinism

  1. So True : Let us call these people “declinists,” and their animating philosophy “declinism.” What motivates declinism is an attitude so pessimistic that it is almost theological: not only are things worse than they used to be, but they’re getting worse with every passing year. = ROFL LMAO sounds like the major plank in the Liberal Platform if you ask me.

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