Worse grades for students who use Facebook

Study shows spending time on the site causes students to do worse in exams


A new study has proven what many parents and teachers have long thought to be true. Students who use Facebook often under-perform in tests because they spend less time studying, and more time distracted by the site. Researchers at Ohio State University asked 219 undergraduates and postgraduates about their study and Facebook habits. They found that 65 per cent of Facebook users accessed their account daily (sometimes several times a day), with some students spending hours on the site daily. The results were that 68 per cent of students who used Facebook had a “significantly” lower grade point average than those who did not use the site, sometimes by as much as a grade. Although the study concentrated on Facebook, researchers think the same is true for other social networking sites as well such as MySpace, or Twitter.

Daily Mail

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Worse grades for students who use Facebook

  1. This is not exactly a revelation, I’m sure CrackBook has ended more than one school career. Soon there will be rehab centres for Facebook and World of Warcraft abusers, I’m not even sure if this is really a joke.

  2. Let’s hope there’s no parallel study for the Maclean’s blogs.

  3. I wonder how many of those who are distracted by Facebook would be those who would be equally distracted by television, a party, or a fly on the wall.

    • The same thing crossed my mind, but then I noticed this fly and…………………

  4. They did a survey of 219 students!!! How is that considered scientific! At Ohio State! Come on, I’m all for surveys and studies but this is outrageous.

    I sign on to Facebook about 10 times a day, I spend about an hour a day on it + maybe 15 minutes a day on facebook and guess what I’m a genius! I graduated university last year (after 2 years on fb) with an A+ average!! And am now doing post-graduated (at the age of 21 might I add) and I’m still acing all my classes.
    Honestly, it has NOTHING to do with facebook. I study about 6 hours a day regardless of facebook or not!! So there, keep on going on facebook students, it won’t stop you from succeeding!! It’s internal btw, or whatever your parents gave you!!

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