Would Canada fly a pot flag?


Heritage Minister James Moore presided over a special Flag Day celebration in Speaker Peter Milliken’s Hill reception room.


Jason Kenney built a stunning flag collection, including all of Canada’s historical flags (even ones before Canada was a country), when he was Minister of Multiculturalism and Canadian Identity.


Kenney noted that the Speaker’s reception room was where the parliamentary committee first met to discuss the new flag that resulted in the current Maple Leaf, which first flew on Feb. 15, 1965. Milliken addresses the crowd below.


One new flag option while they were discussing the Maple Leaf looked a lot like a cannabis leaf according to one Tory MP.


Conservative Tim Uppal (centre), MP for Edmonton-Sherwood Park.



Ontario Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro.


Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff with Moore.



Would Canada fly a pot flag?

  1. Okay – did any of the CONS bother to give credit to Pearson for our own flag?

  2. The “pot” flag looks kind of cool. I prefer our actual flag, but the design is pretty good for the pot flag too.

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