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A year in pictures

Andrew Tolson, Maclean’s director of photography, picks more of the best shots from 2009


This Year in Pictures 2009 was unusual in one way: despite western news media being kicked out Iran after their election, images of that government’s crackdown still found their way out of the country through social media sites such as Flickr and Twitter. Citizen journalism has never been so effective.

We also saw elections in the US and India – and almost one here in Canada. President Obama dominated the world stage. The war in Afghanistan began a new chapter with a US troop surge and the weather continued to wreak havoc with the planet – all caught by the world’s photojournalists.

Putting together an issue of the year’s best photographs is a daunting task – there were hundreds we could have published in the magazine. (Maclean’s Year in Pictures issue is on newsstands now.) For that reason, we present the best of the rest here on macleans.ca.

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A year in pictures

  1. Don't tell me what I wonder, just show me the pictures!

  2. It is an absurd decision and a great pity that Andrew Tolsen's choices featured in this blog were not those featured in the issue This Year in Pictures 2009 .
    I was keen when I saw a Maclean's cover story "The most compelling photos of 2009" to treat myself to a look at some excellent photography.
    Instead I was disappointed by shabby images of newsy moments.
    Macleans should be taken to task for such a cheap offering for an extraordinary year.

  3. I agree with Jaqueline van Voorst. All the more so because so many of the pictures were specifically about the United States and had no bearing on my life or any other Canadian I know. I'm sorry, Tolsen: Poor selection.

  4. I would imagine that compiling a years worth of photos is a "daunting task," and i was glad i stumbled across these photos which share some of the things that I missed while in school. I don't think these pictures were a poor choice, most were pretty interesting.

  5. Thanks for sharing this gallery. I really found some interesting photos here.