Yet another Justin spoof



My god, these guys are quick. Yesterday, you may recall, we posted spoof of Justin Trudeau’s four and a half minutes of YouTube self-love, created by Quebec’s own Prenez Garde Aux Chiens. It was scathing and funny and all that, but it is a mere pirouette when compared to the above effort. In it, the spoofers spoof the spoofee by pushing Justin’s predilection for pomposity to absurd lengths, making him spout off about good leadership, the aspirations of today’s youth and the incredible power of the internet, ending it all with a quotation from Albert Einstein –– all in that jarring English-to-French-to-English style that makes Justin sound like he’s speaking in tongues. Brilliant!

UPDATE: Wait. That’s… not a spoof? It’s just Justin being Justin? Great. Thanks Justin. You just murdered satire. I’m going back to bed.


Yet another Justin spoof

  1. Habs logo. Subtle.

  2. À ma view, ce guy is absoluement bonkers. Myself, I préfère Mr. Wells’ comme auteur. Celui doesn’t vraiment have that ironie that one souhaite, which même Obama sait to inject. Peut-on truly appeller ça existentialism? Can on le compare à Sartre or Kierkegaard? Enfin, I doubte of it.

  3. He’s a chip off the old bloc … c’est-à-dire Margaret Trudeau.

  4. The camera work accurately presented Justin’s world-view: the audience is revolving around him.

  5. I was going to make a joke about the camera but Kevin knocked it out of the park.

  6. Habs logo. Subtle.

    God, I coughed up student fees to support Wells’s sneering in the Gazette when I was at Western, and decades later, I’m still coughing up taxes through PAP funding to endure it still.

    Take me now, Lord.

  7. The spinning around made me dizzy.

  8. Sounds like you’ve already taken yourself, Ti-Guy, maybe Justin can sell that content to the new all Canadian porn channel with your endorsement.

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