Yet another recall for Toyota

1.7 million Lexus vehicles could leak fuel


Toyota, the world’s largest automaker, is facing yet another widespread recall. A fuel-pressure sensor in many 2006 to 2009 Lexus GS300, GS350, IS250 and IS350 models is prone to loosening over time, which could cause a fuel leak. Most of the vehicles recalled were sold in Japan, but at least 12,000 are in Canada. This recall comes after more than 13 million cars required repair since Nov. 2008 when it recalled millions of vehicles over a gas pedal defects that caused “unintended acceleration.” As many as 89 deaths resulted from the fault, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Toyota was fined more than $48 million for its failure to warn the public after it learned of the potential problem.

Montreal Gazette

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Yet another recall for Toyota

  1. Well-being they were scwerewd aller long

  2. That is comments is very well articulated oliver.

  3. was that english oliver? or qualudelish

  4. wow 12000? thats almost a quarter of the 54000 odd GMs recalled recently which the press neglect to publicise. I suggest everyone read a magazibe such as safety matters which regularly posts ALL vehicle recalls. What you will see is GM , Chrysler, GM , Chrysler, Mazda, GM, Ford , GM , Chrysler etc etc etc.

  5. Liked ur comment grubble
    North American press/media ready to make any Toyota recalls onto front page. Rarely see same attention given to U.S. manufacturers. Understand news is news, but there apprears to be a little bias in reporting.
    My last 4 cars were either Honda/Toyota…got my own bias based on owning some N.A, vehicles

  6. Toyota makes great vehicles, I wouldn't hesitate to buy one, maybe they're just being more responsible than other makers by doing the recall?

  7. Toyata been has getting by on reputation alone for the longest time. In reality they have the worst quality in the entire auto industry and people are finally coming around. I wouldn't touch a Toyota with a ten foot pole these days. That's how bad it's gotten

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